I never thought I would honest god ever type these words, but somehow, dealing with appendicitis, emotional stress, and sleeping because of miracle pain medications, I woke up in 1996. Again, this is the weirdest WTF, I have but JNCO JEANS…..WTF!!!???

web1_jnco2I know that nostalgia has somehow carved a major moment in our society. I blame hipsters and Nick at Nite for this issue. However, I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be seeing the return of JNCO Jeans. So unless you have abnormally sized legs, or are a Juggalo, you have to be asking the same question. If you do not know what JNCO Jeans are, chances are you didn’t graduate in 1996 or had your wallet on a chain, and God bless you child. No Offense to anyone who graduated in 1996. JNCO Jeans are pants with oversized legs that looked like a human put in some type of cheat code to make their bodies look like they have not missed a leg day in the past 22 years. I am all for the 90s coming back in some instance. There was just some amazing things in the 90s. Pogs come to the mind first. But JNCO jeans?Seriously?!? Did someone put money into some backyard wrestling promotion that knows a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a girl who used to blow the guy who created these pants? I just can’t take anyone seriously while wearing pants that somehow make it look like you’re wearing an oversized denim skirt that was endorsed by the Pentecostal Church. Next thing you are going to tell me is the Backstreet Boys are performing still, The Mickey Mouse Club is returning to the Disney channel just in time for sweeps month, and VH1 and MTV actually care about music. Fuck Me!