I want to take this time to say a giant thank you to the nurses and doctors that took care of me when my appendix and I decided to call it quits after almost 32 years of being together. It was a hard break-up but one that I know that will benefit both parties in the long run.

04_Texas_03212016rf_0365--3745e4e2d33e21d6e3d287f7505650cdI kept telling myself what a crappy week to have an appendix go boom, but in all fairness there is not a better week for me be watching tv and getting my nerd on. This is Wrestlemania Weekend. As many of you know I am one of the biggest fans of wrestling around. So when it came to time to be lazy and prepare for the biggest show of the year it was a tad bit of a no brainer. I thought to myself, it would not be Wrestlemania weekend without doing the double induction into the Halls. And this is why were are kicking off early on Sunday. We are going to get you hyped, (I need a picture of Mojo Rawley to place right here.) and all kinds of excited all days as we are going to be doing wrestling themed posts starting off with the Hottie.

060_SD_01052016ej_0546-767755611The induction into the Hall of Hotties is a member of the 4 Horsewomen. She combines two of my biggest loves in the nerd world, wrestling and steampunk. I also like to refer that as the moment Richard will break out into a cold sweat. She is one of the most talented women in the world at what she does, and if you do not believe me, she will kick your Lass. The next induction into the Hall of Hotties, is the Irish Lass Kicker (seriously, how freaking sweet is that nickname) Becky Lynch.

I want to take this time to first discuss what women’s wrestling was like to the non-fans.  Women’s wrestling used to be the match where a lot of fans would take their bathroom break during a 3 or 4 hour show. It was nothing really athletic, it was more about who could rip off a dress fastest. Women’s wrestling was completely overlooked, until Trish Stratus and Lita were moved to the head of the line. However, still after that women’s wrestling has been looked down upon. That was until NXT.  Women’s wrestling has been given a brand new light to shine through. Gone are the bra and panties matches of the 90s and in its place are competitive matches that will could be match of the year without a doubt. Becky Lynch is right at the front of this movement.

CYK19FOWwAARgXNThe Irish Lass started training in 2002 at a wrestling school started by the next induction into the Hall of Hunks. (I am such a tease.) Her career in wrestling has spanned across the globe by becoming a star in home county of Ireland, the UK, and Japan just name a few. A lot of people stated take notice of her when she started wrestling for the US women’s promotion, Shimmer. And thus you can say the rest is history when in 2013 Lynch signed a deal with the WWE. Lynch had some tremendous matches in her time at NXT. If you do not believe me, head on over to the WWE Network which is free to new subscribers, (They should pay me) and watch the very best of the 4 Horsewomen series. At Wrestlemania, Becky Lynch will be part of a triple threat match for the Divas championship against two of the other 4 Horsewomen. I am calling it now, this match will steal the show.

26_Divas_01192015MM_0301-919318895I would like to take this time to welcome Becky Lynch into the Hall of Hotties. And Becky Lynch if you ever read this, I just want a hug. Normally I would throw in something witty and haha, but I really don’t want my lass kicked. I am kind of fragile.