doctorwhobbccreditphotographerrayburmiston1jpgjpeg-684b38_765wToday, the BBC show that has lasted for half a decade took a turn into the future. No pun intended. The BBC revealed the newest companion for the time traveler from Gallifrey that we know as “The Doctor.”  The new actress that will accompany the character portrayed by Peter Capladi is….Pearl Mackie. And the character’s name that she will be portraying is named, Bill.

I feel that Pearl is a wonderful step in the right direction for the show. The trailer which is below shows that her character is going to mesh wonderfully with Capaldi’s take on the fifty year old character. She shows a perfect level of sarcasm that the geekdom will love. I also feel picking an unknown (unless you are familiar with the BBC soap, “Doctors”) is a great change of pace from all the names being thrown around. I would have loved to have seen Alex Kingston come back to the show with a run as the companion, but honestly that ship might have sailed when Matt Smith left the show. Massie Williams from “Game of Thrones” fame would have made a great choice as well. But in the long run they needed to pick someone that will work well with Capaldi and if this trailer is any indication of what is going to be happening when the show picks up in 2017, I for one am super excited.

Pearl has been described as having a “vibrant optimism” and skills such as “mixing maturity and immaturity” which is a wonderful trait to have when working on a television show such as Doctor Who. Watch the video of the trailer and let us know what you think in the comments below. Is Pearl going to be great for the show……?