10de1d06cc67553e39c1b9554db824c7Many years ago as a young geeky girl, there was no bigger role model then Rory Gilmore. She had a knack for school and a love for books that I looked up to. She also had the best boyfriend possible. He just understood her so well. He was super cute, gave her food, and let her roam the bookstore for hours; all the things my young self knew the perfect man needed to be. This is where my love for Jared Padalecki, then playing Dean Foster, truly started.

Jared-Padalecki-HD-WallpapersFast forward to 2005, when there was a ton of hype surrounding a new fantasy horror show, Supernatural. Two brothers just doing what they do best: saving people, ganking monsters, and looking hot while doing it. Not going to lie, a major selling point that made this must see T.V. for a 14 year old girl was being able to see a familiar, fairly attractive face. Over the past 11 years, we have seen Sam Winchester as a student refusing to give up on his dream, a brother who would stop at nothing to protect his loved ones, a demon lost in power, Lucifer himself, a soulless monster, and an angel, pretending to be another angel, using Sam’ as a vessel. All proving how versatile of an actor Jar Pad really is. Not to mention the epic hair, which the actor himself states never needs to be brushed.

Jared_asylum6Somehow, the man beneath the hair is even more phenomenal.¬† In March 2015, he launched a campaign entitled Always Keep Fighting to help raise funds for people suffering depression, self-harm, and suicide. This came after Jared himself opened up about his battles with depression. Since its beginning, his supernatural costar Jensen Ackels has joined in the efforts, the two helping the three successful campaigns sell more than 110,000 shirts, raise quite a bit of money, and raise awareness for a cause that’s not often talked about.

Somehow everything comes together in the giant package of the moose we know and love.
That’s what makes Jared Padalecki the newest edition into the hall of hunks.