It is that time of the year again. It is the beginning of the convention season for us here at The Buzz Kill Magazine and I have to tell you, that we are waiting with antici……….So we have to start this thing off right, before we give all the previews tomorrow and revealing all our exciting coverage on here and on our Facebook Page. Last year, Chris Knight and myself came up with a fun game to play. Cosplay Bingo. I am telling you this is super fun to play with your friends over the duration of a convention. We love Cosplay and you never know what someone is going to be dressed as, people are creative. It is one of the many reasons we love conventions. (Tomorrow, you will find out 7 reasons.) So print this out and play with your friends. Trust me it can turn an average day at a convention into a very interesting one. Oh and………..Pation. The way to win is to fill out the card with Cosplay from all genres of the geek culture. The first person to blackout their card will win.