powerrangerslogoI have realized over the past few years that Hollywood has completely ran dry of ideas, and want to take memories from our childhood, and screw them without any lube while those memories are dressed as a transvestite clown. (Reference to the movie Vulgar, starring Brian O’Halloran who you can meet July 9th and 10th in Paragould AR during the Friendly Neighborhood Comic Expo) I say this because Hollywood does not have a good track record with movies based from our favorite childhood memories. For example, last week I was able to sit down and watch Jem and the Holograms, and the only reason I think this movie was made is to kill our love for the cinema. But that was not the first time Hollywood took one of our favorites and gave it the morning after pill. Take the new Ninja Turtles movie, in which the turtles are not created from radioactivity but are actually aliens. I am not saying it was aliens, because it’s not. So when I heard that there was going to be a reboot of the Power Rangers franchise, I cringed but still had a flicker of hope. That was until a few weeks ago.

Before I start complaining too much about this movie, let’s start at the beginning. The Power Rangers was an adaptation of the Japanese show Super Sentai. Instead of just completely dubbing over the entire show, was set in Angel Beach, 5 teenagers who magically were able to know Karate very quickly took on the roles of the rangers. The Rangers were all given powers by the talking head of the Blue Man Group, Zordon. Each power given was that of a dinosaur. And now a checklist for the perfect Saturday morning kids show…..

Karate. Check

Dinosaurs. Check

Robots. Check

The rangers would try to stop their arch nemesis Rita Repulsa. She would send down a monster to destroy apparently Angel Beach each time. And each episode the city was magically still there after a fight with a giant monster and the Megazord. The city of Angel Beach had some money to build that quickly or everyone was Amish.

The show become an instant classic spawning many incarnations over the years which still play to this very day.

However, Hollywood came knocking. The idea was put into motion to reboot the original Power Rangers series in movie form. And while I can honestly say when the news first broke, I was excited. The idea of revisiting Angel Beach would be tremendous with a new Rita Repulsa. The show could continue for a whole new generation. Then the pictures started to be released through various media outlets.

I am able to come to terms with the new Rita Repulsa costumes. I do feel that Elizabeth Banks may honestly be the only saving grace of the movie, and I will get into that, the costume honestly did need a makeover from where it was in the early 90s. The only issue I do have with the costume, is that it looks likes Poison Ivy and Godzilla had an illegitimate love child. But I can accept this one. It fits the villain mold. She somewhat looks scary and hot. I am not sure what that says about me.


Now, my problems comes with the new Rangers costumes. I know that we have to evolve from colored motorcycle helmets and spandex that sparks. I understand that completely. What I do not understand is why they have to blatantly rip-off the Iron Man suit for the look. This is the moment that made me realize, this may honestly be another Jem movie in the making. Remember the scene in Iron Man 3 where Tony all the different suits, it looks like they were stolen by teenagers after his house was destroyed. This to me, hurts the franchise and the movie. Even if they would have went the Tron route, I think I would have been more understanding. But instead they go after one of the biggest franchises to pattern the suits after.


I could be proven wrong, and I hope that I am. But this seems car crash bad. Let me know if you agree or disagree with me, leave a comment below. I do know one thing, I am not looking forward to seeing the Putty costumes.