rip myspaceI am not new to social media. I started out on Myspace like so many other Millennials. However, sometime between 2006- 2007, Myspace seriously lost the cool factor. We all shifted to Facebook to stay in touch with friends, families, and people that we had met once at a party and then never saw again.

Since that time, I have been content to remain on Facebook and it has served its purpose. I am able to share my life events and photos with my family so that I do not have to see them so often. I have even been able to maintain contact with a large amount of my high school classmates. I find this part to be pretty amazing. I am not a people person. If a relationship does not come easy, I am not going to go out of my way to maintain it. (Sorry, folks.) Without Facebook, I would have walked out of graduation 12 years ago and never spoken to majority of them again.  Facebook is also easy to use. Even my great relatives are able to navigate it without any problem. That’s right. I am arguing for a social media platform that senior citizens can use with ease. I have an old soul.

Then came Twitter. Things went from “Like us on Facebook” to “Follow us on Twitter”. I refused to even consider the idea of a new social media platform. Facebook worked just fine. I did not need to add something else to check. Not to mention that I found the whole idea to be weird. Anything that I could say in 140 characters would probably not be that interesting. I did not want my words to be restrained. A friend finally convinced me to create an account a couple of years ago. It was quickly hacked. I logged in a few days later to find out that I was following over 2,000 adult performers. I deleted that account. Last year, I decided to create a new account. It was for pure, selfish, fangirl reasons – Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy. He tweets the most kind and adorable things. I knew in my soul that I had to follow him. I checked Twitter for a few weeks and then once again lost interest. Out of curiosity, I just checked my account and it is still there. I currently have 5 followers.

facebook vs twitterI reached out to my friend, Katie, who uses Twitter regularly to see what is so awesome about Twitter. Initially, she responded, “Nothing. It’s full of assholes and you have to tweet a bajillion tweets to have a conversation with someone.” Katie is wonderfully sarcastic so I take this to be half-truth, half sarcasm. Katie did note that there are advantages to using Twitter over Facebook. She explained that it is “easier to communicate with celebrities.” She exchanges tweets frequently with Brooklyn Decker and John Roberts who voices the character Linda on “Bob’s Burgers”. She also mentions that “it can also be easier to navigate than Facebook since it is a more open platform.”

There is another advantage to Twitter that I had not considered until recently. If Twitter allows regular people (like you and me) to get closer to celebrities, it also allows celebrities to get closer to us. It is a two-way street. While we get to connect with the people who we admire and enjoy, they also have direct access to us. While I admit that sound a little creepy, it’s not all bad. They have more control of the information that they share with the public. They do not have to go through the media outlets that may alter the information. Many celebrities also use it as a medium to share their personal lives; giving us a peek at who they truly are. It helps to humanize the untouchable people who we have put upon pedestals. It really is a win, win situation for everyone.

I have hundreds of Facebook friends. I also follow many local businesses and organizations that are important to me. Despite this, I do not even see posts from most of my friends. This is due to Facebook’s algorithm. It determines what posts it thinks that I am interested in seeing. First, I find this to be incredibly rude. Second, it makes it very difficult for celebrities, small business, and even close contacts to reach their intended audiences. Using Twitter, allows users to see wider number of Tweets. Considering this, it actually makes more sense to use Twitter.

twitter winsUltimately, I have decided that I will give Twitter a fair chance. Did you hear that pop culture?! You won this round! The Buzz Kill Magazine is important to me. I was a fan long before I was given an opportunity to work with the magazine. I read all of the posts and articles. I listened to all of the podcasts. Recently, it has given me the opportunity to do things that I never thought that I would get to do. I am no longer the weird girl who dreams of cosplaying. I am the weird girl who DOES cosplay. I have gotten the opportunity to help cover conventions. I got to meet a weeping angel. I even got to be on a podcast and, hopefully, I will get to do more. Not to mention that I get to write this little article. (Please do not judge my writing skills. I am not a professional!) Twitter helps us at The Buzz Kill Magazine reach you – the people that appreciate the content that we share. For that I will get out of my comfort zone and learn to use a new form of social media. Feel free to follow me @sharonaisom. Maybe one day I will have more than 5 followers.