FB_IMG_1469311431138So close to the release of the Wonder Woman trailer, I did not expect to get a full on Justice League trailer as well… Yet here we are…. This looks like Warner Brothers hearing the fan complaints of BvS and taking this in still a serious but much more lighthearted direction.  A few more thoughts I’ll list as bullet points below


  • Anyone else notice the absence of Superman in this footage?
  • I really really dig the White Stripes music on the background.
  • Though the visual aesthetic is the same from BvS, this is decidedly much lighter in tone.
  • Bruce Wayne cracks a few jokes!
  • I personally don’t like Cyborg and could’ve easily swapped him out for Green Lantern
  • I didn’t think I’d be able to get past them not bringing Grant Gustin in from the TV version of The Flash, But Ezra Miller has sold me on just a few seconds of screen time
  • Did I sense a potential romance angle for Bruce and Diana?
  • Also… Really digging on Ben Affleck’s beard in this trailer.
  • Does it seem like they might be angling at Arthur Curry as a potential antagonist? At least until he joins the squad?
  • Though his performance looks amazing, the visual representation of the Speed Force kind of looks bland and borrowed from Quicksilver over in the X Men movies
  • I love how it seems Bruce has completely come back from the brink of madness they showed him at in BvS and now he seems to be the rallying point for the whole team.
  • We get some more teases of the mother boxes featured in the Ultimate Edition of Batman V Superman but no clear establishing shots of main baddie Steppenwolf.
  • The shot of them standing all together near the end of the teaser literally gave me chills.

Justice-League-Movie-Logo-Black-BGI also really dug this one quite a bit more than Wonder Woman. There’s so much to digest but those were some of the main points I wanted to hit after my first few viewings. Sound off below with your thoughts and comments.

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