Well, this is the first time I will ever say these words to the masses, and remember this is only going to happen once, but screw the Justice League Trailer. Yesterday, Facebook presented an early birthday present for myself in the way of the trailer for the animated version of Firefly. I am not sure what there is to this, it may just be a video series someone is doing or it could be the real thing. If anyone knows please let me know. However, if this is the only way it is possible to get a second season, I will freaking take it. Firefly was cancelled way too soon. (Damn Fox) So getting just voices would be alright with me. The only thing I worry about is not having the Wash character around in the animated series. The one time I truly felt heartbreak from a character getting killed. Joss Whedon, I assume you sir, have a controlling stock in the Kleenex Corporation. Check out the trailer and let us know your thoughts behind this. There’s no place, I can be, Since I’ve found an animated Serenity.