aubrey-plaza-square-800x675So when I get depressed the first thing I do besides turn to food, don’t judge me, I am fat, I turn to television. There is something about a good television show that will lift the spirits when going through a really tough time. I can think back to every painful situation in my life and realize a show that I was able to get me through that. Normally, the go to show for me is The Office. There is something about working for a paper company that would make me ironically very happy. No, it may not be the most glamorous of jobs but it is one of the most fun portrayed. I wouldn’t mind putting a co-workers stapler in a Jell-O mold. It would make the work day go by much faster than a normal day. Have to love those days where you run into the 1-4 o’clock nap at work. Well recently I have been watching a new show to help me through a new rough time. And now, I would not mind working in the government. Not the main government, I would love to come into work each day in the city of Pawnee, have a calzone with Ben Wyatt, a whiskey with Ron Swanson, listen to a Leslie Knope speech, make fun of Jerry, treat myself with Donna and Tom, get excited to be around Chris and Ann, and have a beer with Andy Dwyer. I have smiled more than I have been sad lately. I will say that I have started to have a crush on one of the actresses from this show. She is also the only woman that made Grumpy Cat seem somewhat interesting to myself. The next inductee into the Hall of Hotties may not be conventional, but damn it, she is amazing. The Next inductee into the Hall of Hotties is Aubrey Plaza.

tumblr_nthg4pJ7Ha1ramp3po1_1280Most people were introduced to Aubrey while watching Parks and Rec, and we will get to that in just a few minutes. That is not where I was first introduced to the very talented actress. It was through College Humor when they were doing trailers for cartoons to become live action films. Aubrey played the namesake of one of the most cult 90s cartoons, Daria. The trailer was fantastic, and it showed how amazing the actress truly is. The second time was the Super Bowl ads that she did a couple of years ago where she was milking a cow. I assume the ad was for beer, and this may be way too much information, but I would let her milk my man teat anytime.

tumblr_np8zq1ehee1s6205uo1_1280However, she is best known for role as April Ludgate-Dwyer on the show Parks and Rec. Aubrey played the intern who honestly became the breakout star on a show full of crazy talent. The character of April is someone that a lot of people could relate too. There are days where we just can’t stand everyone, plus she was working for Ron Swanson as his personal assistant. The character grew and in 7 season we were able to see April reach her full potential while being married to Andy Dwyer.

8bf633ae7de1f5940b96f30a483242bfAubrey is starting to gain a really strong resume in the movie world due to her time on Parks and Rec. Earlier this year she was in Dirty Grandpa, and just recently Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. I would ask Aubrey to be my wedding date, but I feel asking a date to my own wedding may get me in trouble, at least I really think so. I may be wrong.

Aubrey Plaza is the perfect choice to bring the Hall of Hotties back and she is welcomed with open arms. And if by some weird chance you ever read this, if you are just sarcastic to me one time, I can die a happy man.