gfjjfgjgfjfgWhen I was a little girl my father taught me that I need to find a man who is great with their hands. I am sure my daddy had a different idea of being good with their hands than I do. When I think of a man who is great with their hands, I assume that my pants will be dropping. If my dad could read that I would be in trouble. I am guessing that the type of man my father was discussing with me would be someone who could work with wood. A man who could build anything that he ever needed or wanted. That should have been the type of man that I would go after. Well in my searches for finding the perfect man someone caught my eyes. He may not be the best looking man in the world, but he knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to say it.

Do you know who Nick Offerman is? If any lady does not who he is,  by the end of this you are going to be yearning for your man to be more like Nick Offerman. Born in 1970, Nick would first begin his trade of entertaining on the stage, as a man who loves theater. Theater seemed to be in the blood as he was able to get a degree in fine arts, and even started a theater company in Chicago called Defiant Theaters.

rawImageNick would bounce around with small roles on television show such as ER, Arli$$, and The West Wing. His role as Nick the Plumber on Will and Grace would be a role that would change his life, meeting the woman he would spend the rest of his life with Megan Mullally. The two have been happily married since 2003, and even have done theater as well a stand p tour together.

39727Nick would continue do to small roles on television until he landed the short lived Comedy Central show American Body Shop. The show would only last one season before Mr. Nick Offerman had his huge break in the world of Hollywood. A show about a parks department in Pawnee Indiana. The show would feature him portraying well himself as the character of Ron Swanson. A meat eating man who loves to woodwork and has a mustache that will make any woman melt. As he tries to escape the hell from his ex-wives, Tammy 1 and Tammy 2. And now he can be found as part of the show Fargo on FX.

As stated the character was not far off for Nick as he is a very talented carpenter. The man is able to build anything out of a tree at any given moment. He is the type of man that I would have dinner done for him when he came home, as well as a glass of whiskey. And then he could use those hands on me.

mj-618_348_nick-offermans-life-adviceI want to welcome Nick Offerman to the Hall of Hunks. With or without facial hair, one of the sexiest men on the planet. Megan is one lucky woman but I could be a lucky woman too if I could get in the middle of that.