sherlock1Benedict Cumberbatch…. I feel that is all I need to say. Then for the remainder rest of the article I shall just post photos of this tasty man. However, when I was asked to contributed to the Hall of Hunks, I doubt that it is what my producer/editor had in mind. I like my job so I will do this correctly.

drstrBenedict Cumberbatch is a British actor born to actor parents. Though he briefly considered working towards a law degree, he decided to pursue acting as it was his true passion. His education focused greatly on fine arts. He attended the Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, obtaining a Master’s degree in Arts of Classical Acting. He has had a vast acting and producing career to date. I cannot even begin to sum up all of his works. He has performed in numerous classical plays, movies, television mini series, and even did the voice of Severus Snape on a 2013 episode of The Simpsons. Recently, his cinematic career has exploded in the United States. Some of his works include: The Imitation Game, Star Trek into Darkness, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (as the voice of Smaug), and 12 Years a Slave. Cumberbatch has also done voice work for Penguins of Madagascar and Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff video game. Of course, he has a new movie on the horizon that I and every other Marvel nerd is dying to see – Doctor Strange.

sherNow, if you are a Benedict Cumberbatch fan, I imagine you are pretty annoyed by now. Probably assuming that I forgot to mention one of his best works. Rest assured that I have not forgotten. I have saved it for last because this is a fandom that I feel very strongly about. I am referring to the BBC series, Sherlock. I have seen many version of Sherlock Holmes over my lifetime – movies, TV series, Wishbone, etc. The BBC series, Sherlock, is by far the best. All of the characters are astounding. Their interactions with each other very natural and organic. The people responsible for casting did an excellent job. The writers are amazing. The amount of time and work that goes into each episode is mind-blowing. Every episode is essentially a movie. Unfortunately, this means that the season are short. Typically, around 3 episodes each season. However, I PROMISE that it is worth it.

bencumbBenedict Cumberbatch is amazing in the series. There could literally be no other cast members on the show and he would still completely hold my attention. He has me fully convinced that he is a genius in real life. If you attempt to tell me otherwise, I will refuse to listen. I will not debate this topic. I find intelligence to be deliciously sexy.  I would volunteer to take the place of his skull so he had something to talk to. I would drive across town so he could use my cell phone. He doesn’t need Watson. Besides, I do not mind if he sits on my couch in just a sheet. In fact, I encourage it.

bencumb1So as my first inductee to the Hall of Hunks, I am ecstatic to welcome Benedict Cumberbatch!