luke-bryan-heres-to-the-farmer-ep-coverEveryone’s favorite Georgia boy has released his very first Farm Tour…Here’s to the Farmer EP Friday, September 23rd to coincide with his eighth annual Farm Tour, which runs October 5th to October 15th this year. Since this Georgia native grew up and worked on his father’s peanut farm in Leesburg, Georgia, it’s no wonder the Farm Tour is something that’s so near and dear to the country superstar’s heart. In fact, a portion of the proceeds from the Farm Tour go to the Luke Bryan Farm Tour Scholarships, which supports students from a farming family within the communities the tour passes through. The tour has become highly successful, selling out in practically every city it hits, thus becoming an annual tour for the singer that celebrates southern culture and everything it has to offer.

In previous interviews, Bryan has pointed out that he teaches his own kids the importance of knowing where food comes from, even having them assist with the crops on their own farm. It’s a lesson he hopes he’s successfully spreading across the states every year that he continues to do the Farm Tour. This year, though, he’s got a new EP to help him, and it’s a direct representation of those down home, southern values he still holds onto today. The five song EP is one engaging and cheerful compliment to small town America in which Luke Bryan gets back to his roots in every possible way. Lyrically the EP paints a charming picture of the fun to be had living the country life, while also reminding us all how important it is to appreciate the farmers who work so hard to give us so much of the food we often take for granted on a daily basis.

04-06-cover-luke-bryan-farm-ftr-660x400Of course Luke also delivered with the classic sultry tunes in true Luke Bryan fashion that will make every girl’s heart melt. As if women aren’t crazy enough for southern men, Bryan makes being with a “Southern Gentleman” even more appealing (as if that was even possible!) on the last track of his flawless Farm Tour EP. Overall, Here’s to the Farmer delivers with ease and excellence, the way only music from Luke Bryan can. Each song on this EP fits its purpose perfectly, as they all play a pivotal role in the story they’re telling. Listeners will easily find themselves carried away to a vision of country fields and big wrap around porches, where they can breathe in fresh air during the day and stare up at a sky full of stars at night. Luke Bryan has given his fans a one way ticket that allows them to experience the joys of country living without actually having to go anywhere, and for that the man should be applauded. Job well done, again Mr. Bryan.