franknfurterSo, this is not your normal induction into the Hall of Hunks. Normally, each male that goes into the Hall of Hunks has abs so ripped that they can grate cheese, or an intelligence that will make my panties drop faster than the giant ball in Time Square. But he has the intelligence, he built a human to play with on those very lonely nights. But……those fishnets really get me going. Plus, I am kind of a shoe slut, I sort of blame the Spice Girls for that. And that ass, damn if that ass was a keg, I would tap that in a heartbeat. So, that means this is not your normal induction into the Hall of Hotties. I am confused like myself in an orgy. Should this person be in the Hall of Hotties or Hall of Hunks? Ah, Fuck it. This is the first time that someone will go into both, which should leave you shivering with antici…………………………………………………………………….

tumblr_memaf43hxy1qerukio1_500Our next inductee into the Hall of Hotties and Hall of Hunks is the one and only Dr. Frank-N-Furter from the cult classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. If there is one thing that will leave a lasting impression in the mind that you can never forget it is that moment you see Tim Curry coming down in that elevator with that heel rocking out to the opening cords of Sweet Transvestite. In that moment, I was hooked. I could not turn away from the person who was able to put both Masculinity and Femininity into one character. I am not sure why I looked at this and was very intrigued, but I could not turn away. He built a man for those lonely nights, and a man rippling muscles, who can sing. Seriously, that has to be a Glee fans wet dream come true. Not to mention, Frankie was an alien, does that not make him sexier somehow? Like Frankie was not here on a work visa, you knew that, which made the attraction grow even more with the character. Throughout the movie, the iconic role was the embodiment of sex appeal. There was not a moment where you could not look away from Frank. I am still stuck in that first moment I was taken to the Frankenstien place.

rock-horror-372993Dr. Frank-N-Furter belongs in both Halls, and I am not sure anyone can argue that. And if you can argue that chances you, your favorite snack food is plain fucking rice cakes. We would like to welcome the Sweet Transvestite from Transsexual Transylvania into the Hall of Hunks and the Hall of Hotties. If I could just be taken up to the lab just one time, I would be a changed human being.

Do not forget that you can see Rocky Horror Picture Show at Midnight Oct.29th and Halloween night at 9 at the Paragould Cinema 8. Tickets are on sale at the box office or online. Just click right here.

Oh, and I almost forgot something.