lindsey-sterling-1024I never realized how much websites dominate our culture in the world of entertainment. I feel like Michael Scott from The Office when I say that I can waste an entire day on YouTube. I will watch some crazy cat videos, along with some informative things, and during this time of year I will even watch crazy political videos telling me how candidates are actually the antichrist or a robot in disguise. I just laugh at the video thinking about how robots do not show emotion. But the one thing that I honestly can take away from YouTube is the amount of music that comes from site. You can find people doing original songs, covers of your favorite, parodies; YouTube is a wonderful place. Well one day when sifting through the pile of new music, I came across a very talented young lady. Her music made me stop what I was doing, and I lost track of everything I was supposed to be doing that day. It may have not been a productive day, but I did find someone that I wanted to hear play live. And thus a fandom was born. The next inductee into the Hall of Hotties is one beautiful nerdy violinist. We would like to welcome Lindsey Stirling into the Hall.

lindsey-stirling-celebrityI am usually one for finding more obscure instruments in mainstream music. One of the main reasons I love the ska genre. However, there is just something about the way Lindsay plays the violin that will make a person forget everything, including having to get up to use the bathroom. I was in awe, and I did throw away that computer chair as soon as the opportunity arose. The first Lindsey Stirling song that I was introduced to was Spontaneous Me, and after that the search was on. Lindsey incorporates her violin playing with her dance background. She is a huge fan of dance, and took classes when she was younger making her a stronger performer. Lindsey even competed on the show America’s Got Talent making it all the way to the quarter finals, before Sharon Osbourne told her that she needed to get a group because she would not sell out theaters. Funny thing, Sharon may have been taking some of Ozzy’s drugs that day.

0d991f9b62082d9393419e8e6e60d312However, Lindsey’s biggest break into the mainstream making her a household name was her teaming up with another group in music whose instruments are not the norm. Lindsey teamed up with the group Pentatonix for a cover of the Imagine Dragons song Radioactive. I am listening to the song as I am writing this, and chills are running down my body. The song was so well received that it took home the Response Award from the YouTube awards. And back to that statement of she would never sell out a theater. Lindsey released her third studio album and is currently in her second world tour. It just proves that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

The Hall just added more talent, Lindsey Stirling welcome to the Hall of Hotties. And if you ever get a chance to read this, If I could get a hug anyone around would see me pass out which would make for wonderful story.