I am not going to lie to any of you, the first trailer for Wonder Woman which premiered in San Diego, left a big hole in my heart. I am not sure what it was about the trailer that made me not like it, but I felt it just lacked. The new movie comes out June of next year and I had no urge to see it at all and I love Wonder Woman. The old television series mixed with the comics and even the cartoons breathed life into this character for myself. The new trailer was just released and I have to admit, the action looks wonderful. It looks like a Super Hero movie, it feels like a Super Hero Movie, but I still feel there maybe something missing from this. It could also be the bad taste that DC has left in our mouths over the last couple of movies. Hopefully, Gal Gadot can resurrect the DC movie franchises because right now, they are on thin ice. Let us know what you think? Am I wrong, tell us in the comments below.