Dear Santa,

Let me start by saying thank you for giving me exactly what I wished for last year. All through the last year, the person I asked you to help last year has made new friends, some so close they are more like family, and been shown time and time again how appreciated he is. And I think he’s actually almost starting to believe he is pretty wonderful and deserves to have amazing, caring people who will always be on his side.

As for what I want this year, that’s a lot harder. This year already I have gotten a new job, new house, new husband, and consequently a new last name. I’m not really sure that there is anything more I could possibly ask for. But there is one thing I guess you could do for me. If you would try extra hard to answer the other letters on this website, I would be forever grateful. Being able to see all the people around me excited from getting exactly what they asked for would be better that any gift I could ask for. Thank you so much for all the amazing things you do and for all the wonderful things you have given me.


Ashlee Pruitt

P.S. It would still be amazing to have snow on Christmas Day!!

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Ashlee Pruitt

Ashlee Pruitt

I was always the weird child. I liked books, quilting, cooking, and crafts way before it was cool. My appreciation for nerd culture was instilled at a young age and has only grown through the years. I have been an proofreader for TBK for some time, so it is only natural progression to share my opinions now. Hopefully in a fun way to some like minded people.