Dear Santa,

I use to love Christmas as a child but when I grew up I had some tragedies happen right before Christmas that made me not really care of it came or not.  Then a little over a year ago, my daughter started seeing this guy and he absolutely loved every little thing about Christmas so much that I could not help it his Christmas spirit rubbed off on me and I started to care about Christmas again.

So, without further ado here is my Christmas list for this year….

All I want or need is for my family to be happy, healthy and well taken care of.  Well and if you could see it fit to throw in a nice guy for me I would just consider that bonus and all.

Merry Christmas, Kristen

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Kristi Morgan

Kristi Morgan

Hi, my names Kristi, I didn’t come into this whole fandom world until I was older. I have always loved Supernatural, The Walking Dead, The Flash, Harry Potter. But it wasn’t until my daughter started dating this weird nerd boy who was always talking about Doctor Who and Comic Cons till I caved in and started watching Doctor Who and now I’m hooked. And as for Comic Cons have been to three now and no plans of stopping. He is also the reason for this bio I am currently writing. I always hated writing in school and never thought I was any good at it, well I guess it turns out I am good at it as long as it’s about things I like.