Dear Santa,

I think I have been a good girl this year. Oh, who the hell I am kidding. I have been a very naughty girl. I think I have been so bad, that you may have to punish me Santa. I have broken many of hearts of so many men. And I kind of feel bad. So, if you could leave me a good spanking that would be wonderful. And if you really wanted to get me something nice to go along with that spanking, having Matt Smith administer those spanking would make it even better. I also am asking for something else from you. This girl has needs. I am also hoping that you would give me a few days to be myself without any issues, that would be totally amazing Santa. I could really use some me time, and that happens to be in the arms of a time traveling Doctor, I wouldn’t complain at all. Oh, I also started wearing more pants, so if you could leave me some Star Wars Leggings from Torrid, that would be pretty awesome. And I also want this Doctor Who Dress from Torrid. It is so damn cute. I also am your typical white girl, so a gift card to Starbucks wouldn’t be bad either. I need to get my latte on. Thank you, big guy.

Your Puddin