A few days ago, we posted about the DuckTales reboot. And while at the time of posting that, I honestly thought what in the hell is Disney thinking? The thing about the cartoon was that it was special. A greedy millionaire duck becomes humbled by having his nephews living with him, and the crew would end up on some crazy adventures. The show could stand the test of time in my opinion. So, when I heard about the reboot, I cringed pretty hard. That was until today. The characters now have voices. And I thought to myself, uggg. There is going to be someone apart of this who always ruins kids shows…Seth MacFarlane, I am looking at you with your horrible idea for The Flintstones. Danny Pudi from Community fame started the list for me. And I recommend going out of your way to watch Community. The show’s humor is so good at times; it will have you in stitches even days after watching. The Pillows and Forts episode from season 3 where they spoof the Civil War Documentaries is worth the price alone. And then I see Ben Schwartz who is best known as Jean Ralphio from Parks and Recreation. A couple of SNL guys, Kate Micucci from Garfunkel and Oats fame. The last person that shows up is David Tennant. And the only thing that can come from my mouth is HOLY SHIT. The cast alone has sold in at least watching the entire first season. I am honestly more excited about this than the new Spiderman movie. And if that wasn’t enough, they post a video of the cast singing the theme. Try not to fangirl everywhere when Tennant starts signing, because it is hard to clean up afterward.

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