It is that time of the year in which movie trailers start showing up everywhere. And one of the most predicted hits of 2017 is Spiderman Homecoming. The Character of Spiderman, I feel is at the point where movies are not going to help the character. Sure, they are going to make bank at the box office, but haven’t we had enough of the web-slinger. There is some plus going into this movie, if there was one thing that was able to save Civil War from the depths of hell, it was Spiderman. But can he hold a film on his own….Again. The first minute of the trailer looks like something out of a John Hughes movie. The only thing missing was Judd Nelson walking by a field goal post holding up his hand. The trailer picks up, but it still leaves something to be desired. At the moment, this is coming across more like Iron Man 4 than a movie about Spiderman, but would that be a bad thing. Watch the trailer for yourself and let us know in the comments.