I am kind of getting tired of teaser trailers for television shows and movies. It’s almost like prom night; right before the magic is supposed to happen, they pass out drunk. And the only thing you can do is sit on the edge of the bed, and watch American Pie 2 on VHS. Just recently Disney XD released a reboot of the classic show DuckTales. And I know a lot of you reading just started singing the theme song as soon as you read the name. Do not feel bad; I am humming it while typing this out. The show is set for a 2017 debut, and well the teaser is just the name, money, and a Donald Duck laugh. However, the photo that has been circulating with the reboot gives me a lot of hope moving forward. The one thing I have been worried about is the idea that the show will be animated in the same style as the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. And before you call me a Mouseketool, hear me out. The animation style is geared towards a very young audience; the characters are blocky compared to their counterparts that made them pop culture icons. I think if Disney XD can stick to computer animation and still make it look authentic as the original characters. The show is going to be hit no matter what Disney XD does with it. I can honestly, I am super excited for the new DuckTales. Let us know what you think in the comments below.