The Hall: Natalie Dormer

Natalie Dormer is a stunning English actor. Like many excellent performers, her acting career began on stage in 2003. In 2005, she branched out to both movies and television. She was in many films and series; mostly British productions that I never had the opportunity to see.

I first became a fan of this gorgeous lady while binge watching the Showtime’s series, The Tudors (2007-2010). This overly dramatized historical show follows King Henry VIII, his sexual exploits, and disastrous family life. In The Tudors, Natalie does an amazing job portraying a sexy and calculating Anne Boleyn. For anyone that is interested, The Tudors is still on Netflix at this time, and the gorgeous Natalie Dormer can be seen in all of her natural, full-bodied beauty.

In 2011, I discovered a promising but short-lived BBC sci-fi series called The Fades. I was delighted to learn that Natalie Dormer was a major character. However, the series ended after only six episodes. I was heartbroken. First, I felt that I was cheated out of a series with great potential. Second, I really was rooting for Natalie. I had hoped that she would find another long-running and successful show. The Fades would not be that opportunity for her. However, 2011 was not all bad news. She also had a role as Private Lorraine in Captain America: The First Avenger.

In 2012, I believe that she landed the role that she will be most well-known for. She began her journey on Game of Thrones as Margaery Tyrell (2012 -2016). I adored her performance as Margaery. She was a strong, strategic woman who always managed to stay level headed in even the worst of situations. That is until she met her untimely demise at the hands of her evil mother-in-law. (Sorry if I gave the ending away, but seriously the season finale was months ago!)

While working on Game of Thrones, she also filmed two notable films. She played the character Cressida, in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 1 and 2. The Hunger Games film series has a huge following with both teens and adults, I was pleased to see such an amazing actress in this role.

So to wrap this up, I fell in love with Natalie quite a few years ago. I am so excited to see the success that she has had and cannot wait to see what her future holds. So as my first inductee to the Hall of Hotties, it is my honor to welcome Natalie Dormer!


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