As I sit here still in shock from the passing of mine and rest of the worlds Rebel Space Princess Carrie Fisher, I remember all the things I learned from her. I learned as a young child in the 90’s after sitting down with my dad to watch Star Wars for the first time that a girl… an actual princess could take on an Empire, the bad guys, the worst villain’s in the galaxy and win. She could lead the rebel forces of good and do it with wit and grace. That I need not hold back from the world just because I was a girl. Princess Leia was one of the first female heroes I knew. She would be the best not only was her character in the movies fearless, but also so was the actress herself. Carrie Fisher herself fought many battles herself with addiction, mental health, and the media with aging. She overcome each battle with strength and did not take the foolishness that was thrown at her from the world. When the world and media criticized her for the way she looked in The Force Awakens; she fired back telling the world aging is what everyone in world does and she does not have to apologize for it. She was an amazing woman who I am proud to look up too. She taught me to be strong, courageous and fight for others and myself. Thank you princess you will never know how much you mean to me. May the force be you always and for the rest of us to quote Yoda, “Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force.” So long for now sweet princess….

I continue to pray for her daughter Billie and brother Todd Fisher during this difficult time of losing both Carrie and the ever-wonderful Debbie Reynolds