“I love all genres of music and have from an early age. I think all those different styles found a way on to my record because I wanted to create something that people could listen to and just have fun with it, dance if they want to!”

Chris Lane’s debut album, Girl Problems, is a perfect reflection of exactly that. He’s taken his country roots, combined them with his love for pop and R&B, added his signature falsetto and created a unique crossover sound that until now hasn’t been heard quite like this. As Chris explained to me in an email interview, it was the falsetto on “Fix” that changed everything.

“The falsetto was the piece we were missing, and when we had a song that featured it, it all clicked. We went back in the studio, cut some new songs, and Girl Problems began taking form.”

Girl Problems flawlessly represents Lane and everything he embodies as an artist in just 12 harmonious tracks. The album not only showcases his impressive vocal range, but also his ability to step outside the realm of normal country music in order to bring something fresh to listeners who, like Lane, enjoy a good danceable beat. Lane gained his first number one single with his first major radio hit, “Fix,” which was written by Sara Buxton, Jesse Frasure and Abe Stoklasa. As he told me, as soon as he heard the song, he knew he had to have it.

“I love doing “Fix” and hearing people sing back the lyrics to me, it never gets old,” the singer stated in his interview with me.

If you think you have this singer figured out based on “Fix” alone, though, you’ll be deeply disappointed, as Chris Lane is anything but one dimensional. Just go listen to Girl Problems all the way through and you’ll hear what I’m talking about. While tracks like “Her Own Kind of Beautiful” and “Saturday Night” mirror the influence Chris’s buddies in Florida Georgia Line have had on his music, other songs like “All the Time” and “Who’s It Gonna Be” blatantly channel his inner Justin Timberlake. Then there are tunes like “For Her,” “Cirlces,” “Back to Me,” and “All About You” that shine light on Lane’s adoration for boy bands with their tender melodies and dreamy lyrics. It’s his very distinct falsetto, though, that really pushes Lane above other artists, and has listeners flocking to him like sheep gone wild.

Interestingly enough, music was not Lane’s first passion. In fact, had it not been for two sports related injuries, the music world may not have ever had the privilege of hearing the rarity that is Chris Lane. Once he knew the possibility of playing professional sports was off the table completely, Chris took to learning to play the guitar and would practice for hours. It was after seeing Keith Urban, though, that the North Carolina native really tied in the desire to perform. “He just held the crowd for his entire set and I wanted to one day do the same,” Lane expressed during his interview.

Speaking as someone who has seen Chris Lane perform in concert twice now, I can say for certain that he absolutely knows how to maintain a crowd’s attention all the way until the very end of the show. The singer’s live shows are nothing short of non-stop, high-energy swoon worthy, dance parties set to so many pop, R&B, and even rock classic favorites, as well as his own A+ music. It’s no wonder fans are in awe of him, Lane has the talent and heart of a genuine, top-notch performer who has a long, successful career of entertaining ahead of him to look forward to. One of Lane’s many (and there are many) heartthrob moments of his live show is when he covers Mario’s 2004 hit, “Let Me Love You,” which he also cut for the album. It definitely seems to be a fan favorite, especially with the ladies, to no surprise.

“I have always covered that song live, it gets a great reaction every night. When I was choosing songs for this record, it just made sense to put my version on there.”

It’s evident from his own style of music that Lane is influenced by a variety of artists from different genres of music, but when asked who he would want to collaborate with if ever approached for a CMT Crossroads, the singer didn’t hesitate to respond with the Backstreet Boys. And if you’ve ever seen Lane live, his answer will come as no great shock since he includes the popular boy band’s massive hit “I Want It That Way” in his set-list. I would say a Chris Lane and Backstreet Boys collaboration is something fans definitely need sooner rather than later (hint, hint, Chris).

Aside from his stellar dance moves and remarkable vocal talent, though, Chris Lane also appears to be an all-around, stand-up guy anyone would be lucky enough to know personally. The effort he makes to interact with his fans both on and off stage is truly admirable, as he stays after his concerts so he can talk, autograph and take photos. One of Chris’s favorite things to do it seems is to find the fans with their own signs and homemade shirts with lyrics from his songs so he can take photos of them to include on his Instagram and Snapchat accounts.

“It has been huge for my career; I love interacting with my supporters. I love having them come through meet and greet lines and talking about what they saw on Snapchat or Instagram.”

If we’re being honest, Lane really is the totally package. He’s the (hot) boy next door that every girl wants to date and every guy wants to be because not only is he sweet and funny, he also makes being cool look effortless. Chris is clearly the guy to have around for a good time. If you don’t believe me, just go follow Chris on his Instagram or Snapchat accounts and see for yourself. He has random dance parties and sing-alongs with his band and road crew, he makes his own fun with silly Snapchat filters, and he loves the Bachelor, so much so that he’s created his own version using his single band members and road crew! It’s no wonder the guy has 133K followers on Instagram alone!

Of course there are always going to be those who don’t agree with the majority consensus on Lane, and make their negative views of him known on social media. Chris, however, doesn’t seem to be phased by the naysayers, and in fact, has a much more positive outlook than most when it comes to the claims of not being “real country.”

“Everybody has an opinion, but I have some of the best fans out there and am very fortunate to have them on my side. For all those who don’t like my music, hopefully I have a little more time to change their minds!”

Lane is obviously enjoying the life given to him, and has no regrets in how his life turned out and the career path he ended up on. When it comes right down to it, the 32-year-old North Carolina born and raised singer is without a doubt, truly just a genuinely nice, fun-loving guy who puts his whole heart into his work. He shows no signs of slowing down and is proving to be an artist to watch out for. “Everything happens for a reason, I truly believe that. I am right where I am supposed to be.”