The New Doctor Who Trailer dropped recently, and I have to say for the first time in Peter Capaldi’s run as The Doctor, I am excited. The thing about 12’s run that has been a problem for me is the notion that the Doctor is playing number 2 to the companion. As much as I loved the Impossible Girl story line that Clara has with 11, her time with 12 has made me really soured on the character and the show. I know with this being Peter’s last season he is going to need a bit of an amazing run to save his legacy. Hopefully, the stories are featured more around The Doctor and not the love story of the new companion. And that leads us into the new trailer. For the first time since Matt Smith left the show, this trailer screams Doctor Who. Finally, a nice change of pace. One of the things that have me excited is the bringing back of some classic Who villains, the classic look for Cybermen, The 4th Doctor’s Sonic, and honestly the saving grace from Series 8 and 9, Missy. I have to say that April 15th can’t come soon enough. Hopefully, this season will not be a let down.