I was the first person to come to the table when Disney bought the rights to the Lucas Films Universe. If anyone could do Star Wars, it’s the empire built upon the shoulders of a mouse. But news recently just broke that has shaken me to my nerdcore. The CEO of Disney is saying Han Solo acquired his name in his past. Now, while I could see this because of his life of being a smuggler, I do not feel comfortable with the idea that the character that has been portrayed by Harrison Ford is not in fact really named Han Solo.

The character of Han Solo may be one of the biggest in pop culture. If there is one movie that at least everyone, including the people who hate the franchise or have never seen a movie, can do is name a character from Star Wars. And one of the most recognizable characters is that of Han Solo. It also takes the idea that Han married Leia and turns that completely upside down as well. In the comics, which were produced after Disney bought the rights to the franchise, Han Solo was married before Leia. I understand that there is a past that we have no idea about, but this maybe the first time that a beloved character from a franchise is going to be looked at in a different light. And one that could reasonably hurt the rest of the standalone movies. I am all for giving us stories that we have never read, or visually seen, but taking what we do know from the original trilogy and throwing it out the window is not going to help.

Twitter exploded with outrage and rightfully so. Star Wars is more than a movie for a lot of people, if anything, it could be a religion. I do not care how he got his name, chances are that no matter what happens in that stand-alone film, he will always be known as Han Solo.