Family comes first even when the Zombie Apocalypse happens. Roland begins his day like any other day. Drinking coffee, watching the news, receiving a cryptic call from his brother, the scientist, confirming that what feared had finally come to fruition. Promising to meet up with his brother, Roland forgets about everything and starts his journey. When all others are fleeing Indianapolis, the center of the outbreak, Roland wades into the hordes of undead because family comes first.

On his quest, he encounters others that he will save that will also save Roland in the coming days. One of them is a teenager named Ashley that suffers the loss of everything but gains Roland’s friendship. Another is a gun-slinging, katana wielding, and pop-culture referencing monk named Timothy who informs them about the sinister origins of the undead. Together, the group plunges into the heart of the epidemic and attempt to foil the plans of a demonic threat to their reality.


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