I remember growing up and being a huge fan of wrestling, I have made no excuses to hide this fact. During the years that were the most awkward, I would call those “The Gangly Puberty Years” the WWE was on top of their game. There were times I would tell my friends to suck it, as I would then do a crotch chop. 33% of the time, my dumbass would rack myself. One of the things that made that time a little more interesting than most, was women in wrestling. When I was going through that phase, the WWE was perfect; giving me bra and panties matches and shaping many moments that would take place with me and blanket. However, as an adult, I look back at that time as something that was not very good. In fact, the Attitude Era did not show anything about how great women can be in the ring. It was not till a few years later that Lita and Trish Stratus would start a movement. Women’s Wrestling became more of a thing but was still not treated well. Fast forward to last year, and for the first time on the biggest stage, Women’s Wrestling was something special. The triple threat match last year was the second-best match on the show. Women are more athletic, having better matches than the men, it is finally a great time to say that you were a fan of women’s wrestling. And that leads me to this Hall of Hotties induction. See, I went to a house show in 1998, and the women’s match may have lasted a minute if that. Last year, my wife and I went to an NXT house show in Oklahoma. The match was NXT Champion Asuka taking on the newest induction into the Hall of Hotties. She took a shot so hard to the face that it busted her nose. And instead of stopping the match, she continued as if nothing was wrong. I have to applaud that as a fan. A lot of people forget the sacrifice these men and women have to go through. This is why I am inducting, the WWE SmackDown Live Women’s Champion: Alexa Bliss.

Alexa did not get her start by working for years to be signed; she was signed after being seen competing at the Arnold Classic. Her background of bodybuilding and gymnastics would be a perfect fit into the world of wrestling. She made her debut in 2014 and was even part of Triple H’s entrance at WrestleMania 30. She went to on to become a manager for the tag team of Blake and Murphy during the NXT Title Tag Team Championship run. It was mid-2016 when she got her call to become a part of the main roster. And in December that same year, she became the Women’s Champion on the SmackDown brand. She is heading into her first Wrestlemania as a champion.

If I had a daughter, I would want her to look up to Alexa Bliss. Alexa is not only tough in the ring, but she is tough outside of the ring too. She was able to beat a life-threatening eating disorder, due to bodybuilding. She is a role model for all women who know how difficult life can be.

She is a lifelong Disney fan, and has the strength to get through anything. Alexa Bliss welcome to the Hall of Hotties.

If you ever read this, I would love a pic with you while you give me the Resting Bliss Face.