Sit back; I have to tell you a story. This story goes back to when I was a Freshman in high school, the year 1999. It was a very different time. People had no clue about social media! If we wanted to meet a significant other online, we would have to pretend to be something we were not on AOL chat, instead of doing that on Tinder. During that time in life, I was molded by the upperclassmen and women, no sexism here. I looked up to them; they stole all the girls I was crushing. The same bs that every high school student goes through. I remember one night I was hanging around with a couple of seniors, and the decision was made to see a movie at our local theater that happened be 20 miles away. There was a time in life that I didn’t get to see many movies because 20 minutes is not worth it to see some of the crap that we did. Supernova, I am looking at you. But this time a movie was chosen that was fun, and it also led to me reciting the entire opening line from the film. Ironically, to this very day I know I can still quote the beginning of Bring It On. The one thing that I took from the beside the opening, and spirit fingers, was my love for one of the actresses in the movie. I feel head over heels in love with her. The fact that she never wanted to be a cheerleader, the fact that she owned it, and the fact that I would have given my left nut to become a Toro. The next induction into the Hall, caused an ex to punch me so hard in the chest that I could have died. The next inductee is the one and only Eliza Dushku.

Chances are if you are a fan of anything where a woman is kicking ass, you should be familiar with the very talented 36-year-old actress. In the early 90’s she was discovered after a 5-month search to find the perfect girl to play the lead of Alice in the movie That Night. After that, she would become a staple of the Whedonverse by playing Faith on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. The show has grown to have a cult following and rightfully so. She was a character of good before realizing how great the dark side is. Eliza would also during this time frame take one of her most iconic roles as the rebel, Missy in the very first Bring It On Movie. Her character moved to San Diego where she attends Rancho Carne high. The school did not have a gymnastics team, so her last ditch effort was to become a member of the cheer team. Next step of Eliza would be the lead role on Tru Calling. She was a graduate of college working in a morgue but repeated each day to prevent murders. It was Groundhog’s Day but with an actual purpose. The show would be short lived as it would only last two seasons, but was critically acclaimed. She would play some minor roles before teaming up with Joss Whedon again on the cult classic Dollhouse. But as with another Whedon show, the legs were cut out far too early as it was canceled after two seasons.

Eliza is not out of the public eye just yet, she has been cast on the CBS show Bull, and it could be a reoccurring role, giving her the chance to be seen by a new audience. And a small fun fact, she is part of the Doctor Who universe by playing a character on Torchwood: Web of Lies.

Eliza will always be one of my favorite actresses. Once I find out she is a part of a project, I will go out of my way to find it. She is one of the most underrated talents in Hollywood. We would like to welcome Eliza Dushku into the Hall of Hotties. And if you happen to read this, or we end up running into each other at Fan Expo Dallas this weekend, is there any way that we could the spirit finger number from Bring It On?