I have a thing for bad boys. I love a guy who can speak his mind. A man who can use his words to tell the perfect story will have me falling hard. Another thing that I look for in my bad boy is a man who not afraid to express who they are. Tattoos on a man are a weakness. Even thinking about it has made my knees weak. I was looking for the perfect induction into the Hall of Hunks this week, and it was an easy choice. Being that TBK Magazine is celebrating WrestleMania week, Corey Graves belongs in The Hall of Hunks.

The residential Savior of Misbehavior may stand out on WWE television, but honestly, he may just be the different that is needed. Corey Graves started working for WWE for 2011. He was signed on as a wrestler and made the most of his time in FCW and NXT. He was a two-time tag team champion, was in feuds with many of the top stars today. It was then that everything came to a screeching when he was diagnosed with two concussions in a short amount of time. The concussions caused him not to be able to do what he loves anymore, but that did not stop Corey. He persisted by doing all the little things to help around the NXT Brand. At a show called R-Evolution, Corey told the world that he was retiring from wrestling but would be taking a job as a commentator. He has thrived in the role and is now one of the voices of the flagship show.

But commentating is not all Corey does. He hosted a show on WWE Network called Culture Shock where he would introduce the wrestling fans to new experiences including comic conventions, Bronies, and music. He also writes an article for Alternative Press called Stay Loud, that covers the bridge of music and wrestling.

He is a family a man, a nerd, and someone who is eloquent with words, Corey Graves is the definition of what a Hunk should be. Plus, how can you hate someone who collects pop vinyls, comic books, and has a donut tattoo.