In the not so distant future, April 14 AD. There is a reboot of a show that excited me. Mystery Science Theater 3000 returns to television or in this case Netflix for the first show since 1999. If you have not witnessed the show, it is a man who was shot into space in the Satellite of Love. A mad scientist and TV’s Frank would send him movies, the worst they could fine. A man and two robots would tear these movies limb for limb, creating some of these movies to be seen by a new audience, and built a cult following. The most infamous one is Manos: The Hands of Fate. The show is loved by many, and this brand-new run will follow among the lines of Netflix rebooting shows that were cult favorites. There are two ways that MST3K new run can go. It could fall the way of Arrested Development. The new season while still being good, does not hold a candle to the original. Unlike the Full House reboot Fuller House which has been loved by critics and people. MST3K is going to be something different in the rebooted world, though. The show is a cult classic, which if the reboot is something special, it will lead to a resurgence of the classic episodes since they will have a brand-new audience. I can’t wait to see what the new cast can bring to the show that makes fun of terrible movies, but until then we do have a trailer to watch. And I for one am more excited for this than anything else coming out all year.