Earlier this week, I counted down The 7 Worst WrestleManias, without wasting anymore time, here are The Top 7 WrestleManias of all time.

#7: WrestleMania 7 or The Night Love Won. A lot of people are going to give me crap for this show being in my Top 7. But WM7 from top to bottom was just a fun show complete with the conclusion of one man’s career which may have lasted 6 months, but also the debut of the Streak. WM7 was supposed to take place in the LA Memorial Coliseum. However, poor ticket sales or a security threat depending on who you ask was the reason the show was moved to the smaller LA Memorial Sports Arena. The venue helped make the show a lot more fun to watch. The Rockers starting the show, all the way down the card were good matches that left you excited. A few of the highlights… The first match in the undefeated streak of the Undertaker as he defeated Jimmy Snuka. Jake Roberts and Rick Martel had a fun blind fold match. Martel who went by “The Model” carried around an atomizer, which he used to spray Roberts in the eyes. Roberts was left “blind” and thus the match became a blindfold match. The crowd was really into this match, yelling at Roberts to make the best move possible. And then there is one of the most underrated matches in the history of the event. Savage Vs Warrior. The match was one of Warrior’s best, and showed how good Savage was in the ring still. Warrior won and in defeat, Queen Sherri attacked Savage. Randy was saved by Miss Elizabeth and a history making moment was made. As for the main event, it was your typical Hogan match as he defeated Sgt. Slaughter for the Championship. The thing here is that Slaughter was an Iraqi sympathizer during the Gulf War leading to some weird moments that WWE may want to forget.

#6: WrestleMania 10 or The Show That Had A Lot Of Hart. I debated with myself on which of two to add to this list. Would it be 10 or 20? I picked 10 because I feel the legacy of the final moment at 20 has unfortunately been tarnished forever, so that leaves WrestleMania 10. In the world’s most famous arena came a shocking good show especially in 1994. Owen and Bret were feuding, and may never lose the title of opening match in the history of the show. Owen has a surprise win, but Bret would get the ultimate revenge by winning the WWF Championship to end the night. If anything dampens this show, it would be the fact that Yokozuna wrestled twice on the show. Savage and Crush had a fun last man standing match, but the moment that will be talked about until we all die, was the first ladder match on PPV. The IC Title hung in the balance as Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon put on a clinic. The moves being used as well as the match itself will always be a classic. WrestleMania 10 was great when with the roster, shouldn’t have been as good as it was.

#5: WrestleMania 24 or The I am Sorry, I Love You Show. WM24 is in the same location as this year’s WrestleMania and I feel that should give us some hope. 24 was a damn good show marked by the first Money in the Bank victory by CM Punk, The Undertaker and Edge having tremendous closing match. The triple threat for the WWE Championship was a fun match that saw Randy Orton walk out as champion. Floyd Mayweather has the best celebrity match in the history of Mania. The moment of this show, besides the fact WWE turned a dump into a completely different arena was the retirement of the Nature Boy. The HBK Vs Ric Flair match was the one match this show will always be remembered for and rightfully so. The Superkick heard around the world not only made Flair cry but it also left tears in the eyes of a lot of fans sitting at home. You could not ask for a more fitting moment at the showcase of the immortals.

#4 WrestleMania 3 or The Slam Heard Around the World. In Pontiac, Michigan, the Silverdome played host to the most iconic moment in the WrestleMania era. Hulk Hogan vs Andre The Giant put a lot of people in that dome in the span of a month. A feat that we could never see in this era of wrestling. The match was not something to write home about, but the body slam is still something that you see in each video package year in and year out. Andre passed the torch to Hogan, but still one of the moments where you just have to tip your hat to the big guy. However, the show stealing moment came from Steamboat and Savage for the IC Title. Their match is going to be looked at that the measuring stick when it comes to the greatest matches in the history of Mania. The match which was just pure wrestling kept the fans guessing. Once the pinfall happens by Steamboat on Savage, the crowd knew they had just witnessed something special. Plus, Bundy splashing the little wrestlers, Roddy Piper walking the entrance, Jake the Snake and Alice Cooper, and more leaves a special place in all of our hearts for WrestleMania 3.

#3 WrestleMania 30 or YES! YES! YES! Let’s start with the Mania debut of the Wyatts, including walking out to the theme being played live. Cena and Bray having a damn good match, and that seemed to be the motif of the evening. Cesaro winning the first Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal was something at least for the time being kept Cesaro in the public eye. The open of WM30 to this day still gives me chills seeing Austin, The Rock, and Hogan in the ring at the same time, even if Hogan thought that they were still in Michigan. But this was a two moment show. The first being the end of the streak of the Undertaker by BROOOOOOCCCCCKKKKK Lesnar. I remember sitting at home with head in my cell phone and the next thing I remember is looking up the third F5. I thought he would kick out, 1.2.3. And the entire place goes dead silent. The crowd was in shock and rightfully so. No one ever thought the streak would come to an end like that. The other talked about part is the saga of Daniel Bryan which would have never happened if CM Punk had not walked away from the company. The Yes Movement was in full force and was stronger than ever. If Daniel would beat Triple H, he would then be placed in the main event with Orton and Batista. And that happened, allowing for Daniel Bryan to beat all three members of Evolution in one night. The night ended with the crowd chanting YES! with their newly crowned hero. It was a great show, and the best of the modern area.

#2: WrestleMania 17 or Austin vs Rock 2! I know I am going to take a lot heat for this choice, but I have my reason as to why it is only number two. WM17 will be the gem of the Attitude Era. A week before the show, WWE bought WCW which played out in a storyline with Vince and Shane. The story would make for an epic moment when Shane walked out on Nitro, and it also made the story at 17 that much more intriguing. The match was actually really good between the two with a lot of stories finishing at that one moment. TLC 2 was the perfect moment of crash test dummy wrestling with a bit of flair. Raven almost knocked out power to the whole show during the Hardcore Title Match. Chyna won her first Women’s Title, and the gimmick battle royal was perfect because we got to hear the golden tones of Bobby Heenan. However, while this show is deemed the greatest of all time by many, the main event leaves a sour taste in mouth that I just can’t seem to shake. Austin/Rock 2 was the possibly their best match, but towards the end of the match Vince shows up. McMahon helps Austin win with a chair. The ending is tad bit weak compared to their third encounter, and Austin turning heel in Texas made as much sense as having Rey Mysterio come out at #30 during the 2014 Rumble. The end of this show took it from its rightful spot to the second greatest of all time.

#1: WrestleMania 19 or The Greatest One of All Time That No One Thinks About. The setting, Safeco Field Seattle, Washington. The first WM with the brand split, and the show that delivered from top to bottom. The worst match on the show was The Undertaker’s. Let that sink in for a moment. That breaks my heart actually. But the top 4 matches on this show is something that will never be forgotten by any fan. First, the last WrestleMania match for Hulk Hogan against Vince McMahon. The match was better than I even would have imagined, and the visual of a bloody McMahon looking over the apron at Hogan is still something implanted in my mind to this very day. Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho put on a match for the ages, and another underrated Mania match. The two just clicked inside the ring leading to HBK first Mania match in 5 years being one of the best of all time. Not a lot of people can do that, it also helped being in the ring with someone at the top of their game. The final Rock/Austin match. Austin retired after this match, something that was not announced. The match is tremendous and it allowed the Rock to finally get that one win over the Texas Rattlesnake. The night before, Austin was in the hospital, and the match was up in the air. And the main event itself, Lesnar and Angle. Angle did this match with a broken freaking neck. The man is a machine. The match was deserving of closing the show of shows. Angle and Lesnar put on one of the best matches of the night, however the memorable thing from this match was the botched Shooting Star Press by Lesnar. If anyone else would have missed that move, they may not be able to walk. Lesnar shrugged it off, hit an F5 and became the champion. The other dud beside Taker’s match is Triple H VS Booker T. The match was fine but the ending was crap, much like the Austin vs Rock match at 17, but it didn’t close the show which changes everything.

Weird Statistic though, the two best Manias, the theme was performed by Limp Bizkit. And that wraps up The Top 7 WrestleManias!