I am not the biggest fan of anime and if you listed to TBK Live, you would know my reasoning. However, this news does intrigue me as it’s one of the few that I have enjoyed. The 1998 cult anime cartoon “Cowboy Bebop” is going to be turned into a live action series. The studio that was behind the original run is going to be in charge of this project.

The show takes place in the year 2071. The show follows the story of Spike and the other bounty hunters or cowboys on the spaceship Bebop as they cruise the galaxy trying to pick up bad guys and make money. The show after its initial run of 26 episodes had a movie as well. Sound familiar? A tad Firefly for you. The main question I have for this run is will it be a Japanese show, or will it be geared to the US audience because the show has such a cult following. Will there be new stories, or will we get the stories from the animated series. A lot of questions that will be answered when a network picks up the live action adaptation. One thing is for sure, the internet is not keen on the idea.