I have been a fan of pro wrestling my entire life. I have seen the bad, such as a grown woman giving birth to a hand, David Arquette becoming WCW Champion, and anything placed on a pole thanks to Vince Russo. I have seen the good of wrestling, such as the Raven/Tommy Dreamer storyline from ECW where Dreamer could never get the win, but then in his last chance, he pulls out the victory. I have seen the great, such as the trilogy of Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat in 1989 that led to some of the best matches in wrestling. But is there a way to top greatness? The answer to that question is Okada/Omega 2 at NJPW Dominion.

Let’s start with a little backstory on being as a new fan of the product. I am new to New Japan Pro Wrestling. I am not sure how the storylines are set up at times, but I do know one thing, the in-ring product is top notch. The first show I sat down to watch was Wrestle Kingdom 11. The show had the first match between Omega and Okada. A match that was so good, it was being labeled as one of the best matches in the history of wrestling. And there is no argument from myself on that notion. It was the reason I kept my subscription to NJPW World. I try not to miss a show at all. My introduction was so unbelievable that I couldn’t get enough and wanted more.

Okada was a wrestler that was initially laughed at by the Japanese fans when he first challenged for the IWGP Championship back in 2012 against the Ace of NJPW, Hiroshi Tanahashi. After Okada scored an upset win at New Beginning if that year, thus started the future boom period of the company. He won and lost the championship a couple of times, but is simply known as one of the best in the world. And then there is Kenny Omega. Omega before being known for having a 6-star matches as ranked by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, he was the guy who wrestled a blow-up doll and a little girl. Seriously, look up Kenny Omega Vs, a little girl, it is absolutely wonderful from beginning to end. Omega becomes a fixture of the Bullet Club in NJPW. And last year, Omega took charge of the Bullet Club when AJ Styles became part of the WWE. Omega quickly became a breakout star and became the first western star to win the G1 Climax. (A tournament where the winner takes on any NJPW champion of their choice.) Omega and Okada first squared off in an instant classic, A match that will be remembered. As a fan, I knew there would be a rematch, but little did I know the rematch would be one of the best wrestling matches, if not, the greatest wrestling match of at least the 2000s. Plus, be able to top the first one.

I am not going to try to go in depth into this match, because I know I am not able to do it justice. It was a back and forth war that went 60 minutes to a draw. I did not know it was possible if I could be on the edge of my seat at 6 in the morning but it can happen. Each move looked more impressive than the last. The Omega moonsault, Okada dropping an elbow to put Kenny through a table. Okada with what seemed beating Omega within an inch of his life, Cody Rhodes trying to throw in the towel to save Omega, and the Young Bucks stopping him. The Omega comeback. Omega hitting his finisher after not being able to hit it in the first match, and in the last second Okada gets his leg on the rope. A moment happened around the end of the match came when Okada was looking for his spinning short arm clothesline called The Rainmaker. Omega just collapsed, and Okada went flying. It was an amazing piece of storytelling that may not be duplicated in wrestling history. The two men put their hearts out there to entertain the fans.

If you have a friend who wants to get into wrestling, this needs to be one of the first matches that they need to see. I was never excited as much as I was for a rematch, and it lived up to the hype. Something that very rarely happens. I can not wait for match 3, and you can bet that I am going to be watching that match with as much excitement if not more than I did for the first two. It’s about telling a story, and these two may be the best storytellers of our generation. But eventually it will be topped, and I hope that I am watching that match live too.

Letter Grade for Okada/Omega 2: A++