Yesterday, I watched a seven-year-old girl become furious when she realized that she had fake pockets and had no place to carry her fruit snacks. I completely sympathize with her. How many of us women have struggled in outrage with fake pockets?! They can be found on jeans –front and back. Sometimes on coats and jackets. Like we have nothing important to carry?! I know that there are several things that I have with me at ALL times. I never leave my home without chapstick, my phone, keys, and occasionally migraine medication. These things are the minimal objects that must be with me at all times. There are many circumstance where carrying a purse is simply not practical. This leaves me depended on my husband or other men around me.

Well, you might be surprise to learn that women having pockets was a major deal in the struggle for women’s equality. Did you know that in the 1600’s, women’s garments did not even have pockets? Women would wrap a bag on a string around their waist and hidden under their petticoats in efforts that emulate pockets. This made them very difficult to access when in public. While their male counterparts had pockets in their clothing. In the 1700’s they moved to the embellishing the bags, placing them on belts, and wearing them above their garments. Later in the 1800’s, the gowns became sleeker and they could no longer work bag-pockets into their attire so the purse was born. These purses were very small – only big enough to carry a handkerchief. They remained depended on their husbands to carry their money.

In the mid- to late 1800s, women started to rebel. They were no longer satisfied with the lack of pockets in their garments. Dress patterns started to include instructions for sewing pockets into skirts. This gave women more independence. They no longer had to rely on men to carry their money and necessities. Things finally changed during the World Wars when women began to wear trousers (with pockets!) and got to go to work. Suddenly, women were enjoying the freedom that pockets brought. While it may seem like a small victory in current society, this was a major win for women at that time. It seemed that women won the war for pockets forever.

So, what happened? Who decided that we no longer need functioning pockets? I just want frickin’ functional pockets back. Do not insult me with bothering to stitch in details that look like pockets. Just put in the REAL pockets. I have things to put in them. Important things. Stop being stupid, clothing designers. Fake pockets are an insult to my intelligence. And while we are discussing this, let’s agree to add pockets to every dress. All females will agree that dresses with pockets are, hands down, the best! Better listen pop culture and shape it up. We have rebelled over pockets before and we can do it again!