hardwick4Chris Hardwick was born in Louisville, Kentucky. However, he spent his early years in Memphis, TN which is only an hour away from the home of TBK Magazine. In high school, he moved to Colorado.  Chris attended UCLA. While at college, his roommate was Wil Wheaton and they remain close friends to this day. Chris graduated from UCLA in 1993.

Chris Hardwick has had a busy career. He started out as a DJ and moved on to stand-up comedy, hosting various shows, voice work, appearances on TV series, and films. Immediately out of college, he began working with MTV. He hosted the game shows “Trashed” and “Singled Out”. He continued to work with MTV over the years but he also moved on to other ventures. Chris made several TV show appearances including “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, “Married…with children”, “Boy Meets World”, and “Zoey 101”. Chris also made appearances in the films “House of 1000 Corpses”, “Halloween 2”, and “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines”.

hardwick3Since February 2010, Chris Hardwick has been producing the “Nerdist” podcast, which he hosts with friends, Jonah Ray and Matt Mira. Over time, the Nerdist has become a large company. It now has multiple podcasts covering a large variety of topics. It also has a massive online presence with numerous articles and videos being produced daily.

hardwick1In 2011, Chris became the host of the show “Talking Dead”. This is a companion show to the TV series “The Walking Dead”. It allows fans to talk and interact with the actors, writers, and directors of the show. He went on the host “Talking Bad” and “Talking Saul”. Both shows that operated in the same manner following episodes of “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul”. In 2013, Chris began hosting a comedy panel show on Comedy Central called “@ Midnight with Chris Hardwick”

Currently, Chris continues to host “Talking Dead”, “Talking Saul”, and “@ Midnight with Chris Hardwick”. He does this all while regularly releasing new episodes of the “Nerdist” podcast twice a week. In all honestly, he is such an insanely busy person, there is a good chance that I may have missed something major that he did in the past or something that he is currently doing.

14350960_195262864251735_1349703900948594688_nNow I must share why I adore Chris Hardwick. I fell in love with him while watching “Talking Dead”. He was so passionate and excited. He seemed to truly love the show as much as the fans. He came across as a genuine person. However, I was skeptical. He is an actor. He has worked in Hollywood for a long time. I thought maybe it was all for show. So I began to listen to the “Nerdist” podcast. This only reaffirmed my love because I learned that he is a true nerd. And I say that as the highest compliment possible. He loves attending comic conventions, Doctor Who, videos games, Legos, and so much more. The list goes on and on. He was so cute when he would become ecstatic while discussing his fandoms and heroes. I went on to follow him on social media. This is something that I rarely do. I feel that I have enough going on that I can barely keep up the people in my actual life, let alone a celebrity. I am glad I did because, it made me respect him more. He is always sharing true moments of his life. Like the time his then fiancé, Lydia, ordered too many penis cookies for her bachelorette party. There were so many, Chris passed them out to fellow celebrities and photographed them holding the cookies. Later, he shared photos from the wedding and their honeymoon to Japan. Every photo and update that he posts clearly broadcasts his genuine personality and his love for all things nerdy.

So from one nerd to the next, it is truly my honor to welcome Chris Hardwick into the TBK Hall of Hunks.  Continue to be our honest and genuine nerd representative in the Hollywood. Keep making us proud!