Warning!!!! This article contains spoilers!!!! Again, for the people in the back of the room this article may contain spoilers, so read with caution. However, if you blame me for spoiling something, it would be you who skipped all the wording, just like an Apple Agreement.

$100,000, a year supply of Anastasia Beverly Hills cosmetics, and the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar!!! Friday night, Season 9 of Rupaul’s Drag Race concluded with the crown going to the very talented Sasha Velour. Drag Race has become one of my favorite guilty pleasure reality shows. Without a doubt, each season I am ready to find out what queen is going to cement their legacy in Herstory. So that left me wondering something, each season we see a queen take the crown, but who are the best queens to never win the crown? A question that started to plague me once the finale ended. So, who are The Top 10 Queens to Never Win the Crown?

#10. Season 9 ended with a very talented final four. The finale saw all four queens lip sync to win the crown, and one queen killed it when it came to the lip sync. Peppermint will go down as one of the most intriguing queens to grace the runway of Drag Race. Her runway looks may not have been as polished as much of the other queens on this list, but her personality stood above everyone else in season 9. Also, Peppermint’s story is one of the most inspiring stories to come out of the show. Her representation for the transgender community was done with grace and class which is one of the reasons she was a crowd favorite.

#9. Season 2 seems so long ago. The other Tyra may have won the crown but JuJuBee is a queen that will always be remembered. The third-place winner of season two was able to connect with the fans more than the actual winner of season 2. She was well liked by the other contestants. Runway looks slayed, especially her cowgirl look and wedding look. I would not mind walking down the aisle with her. JuJuBee came back for the first season of All-Stars where she would team up with another queen on this list, but to only fall short. JuJuBee would have made a wonderful next drag superstar, and owner of the crown.

#8. Season 5 may have been the most intriguing season of Drag Race, Alaska was the odds-on favorite, and then like water off a ducks back, Jinkx took the crown. Alaska would win her own crown in All-Stars 2. But Alaska was part of a group called RoLaskaTox. And third namesake of that lovely group could have been America’s Next Drag Superstar. I love her name as well. Detox Icunt went on to be one of the most popular queens in the shows run. Her crass, tell it like it is attitude made her well liked among fans. She may have finished fourth in season 5 but she may have had one of the toughest Lip Sync battles in history. Coco Montrese had already eliminated three queens with her lip sync skills. It looked like she was going to lip sync to the finals, until she ran into Detox. Detox would then be knocked out by the eventual winner Jinkx. Detox would come back for the second season of All-Stars and would finish in second place.

#7. I am not sure about most fans of Drag Race, but I feel season 6 may have been the strongest cast in the shows run. Jinkx Monsoon was representing the Seattle drag scene in season 5, and if the planets would have lined up perfectly, it could have been a back to back for Seattle. Ben DeLeCreme may be one of the most underrated queens to ever walk down the runway. She was the first queen to win two challenges in season 6. As the season progressed she kept becoming more of a front runner to win the whole season. In episode 11, for the second time she lip synced against Darienne Lake where she had sashay away. This was a heavily criticized moment in the show, but she would go on to become Miss Congeniality for the season. I feel that she may have been in the top three of any season, which shows how strong season 6 was.

#6. And back to the latest season of Drag Race. The thing about lip syncing for the crown showed how close the top 4 were to Ru. And thus, we look at a queen who was consistent all season, could kill it on the runway, and stepped out of her comfort zone to show the judges how bad she wanted it. Trinity Taylor was able to improve all season long to make it to the finale. She knew what she wanted and was not going to settle for less. Including in the finale challenging Peppermint. When I was watching this season, Trinity came across as a Chad Michaels type queen. If there is ever an All-Stars 3, she has a good chance of walking away with the crown. A wit that won’t stop, and ass that won’t quit, Trinity will always be one of the favorites.

#5. Season 4. The war between Phi Phi and Sharon Needles overshadowed everything that happened in the season. However, one queen was able to rise above the feud and become a cult favorite in the world of drag. Latrice Royale came in fourth in season 4, and was one of the best bigger queens the show has ever produced. It was easy for the viewer to be able to get attached to Latrice on a personal level. One of the easiest choices to win Miss Congeniality by the fans. Latrice was able to put a smile on anyone’s face and could have won the season.

#4: The best saying for this queen is “Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride.” And I have to totally “boot” that. Season 2 possibly should have been Raven’s. Each runway look was absolute killer, she was able to kill it at the challenges and just came up short to the other Tyra. Raven was remembered and loved so well, that she was brought back for the first season of All-Stars. She was one of the favorites before being the runner-up to Chad Michaels. Raven may be the closest queen to the crown without winning. But her career is thriving, especially with the TOOT or BOOT series where season 3 winner Raja and herself review the looks of Drag Race.

#3. And I quote…. “Some people were liking it.” And even became something that was ran on The Soup for years. I never knew what happened to that American Idol contestant, but he was awesome. And then the 6th season of Drag Race happened. One queen grew so much over the season, that she started off in the bottom two in the first episode, and ended coming in second place. Adore Delano is a fan favorite who Michelle Visage wanted her cinch more. After that first challenge, Adore was able to come into her own. She was able to shine so brightly in any challenge where singing was involved, as she does have a voice. Her Anna Nicole in Snatch Game was one of the best impressions done during the fan favorite challenge. Adore would finish second, but bowed out of All-Stars 2 in the second episode citing that she was not ready. However, she was still one of the best to not take home the crown.

#2: It was going to be hard to follow the epic run of season 6, and season 7 had a lot to live up to. It may not have had the power that season 6 had, but it did have someone that would have been able to hold their own in any season. She even came in third in All-Stars 2. Katya Zamolodalochikova, and do not ask me to say that because I can’t, was easily one of the best queens to come from the entire series. I remember Katya being in the bottom two in the second episode. However, from that point on she was able to find her own. One runway look still stands out to me, and that is the half male-half female look. She was able to win fans over with her humor, became Miss Congeniality. She finished fifth in season 7, but had the talent to take it all home.

#1. This was a difficult decision for me when coming up with this list. The queen coming in at number 1 had an amazing run in her season. She was only in the bottom two once, but the one thing about season three was that it was Raja’s season to lose. Raja was on point all season, but the queen coming in second place could have won it all in any other season. Manila Luzon was one of the first queens to do comedy to be able to break through that wall to make it to the finals. She was a fierce lip syncer, and only had to show that off once. She is still well loved among fans of the show tot his very day, touring the entire globe. She is one queen that will down in herstory as one of the best to never win the crown, also, she looks great as a pineapple.