This is a Public Service Announcement. If this was an actual PSA, it would be interrupting an episode of Jerry Springer as it airs in your hometown.

Have you ever met someone that says they’re adult but you know they still have their mouth planted firmly on their mother’s tit? Yeah, not the best mental image but try to fight through the pain. We have to grow up sometime. It’s kind of the way life is. It’s funny how that works, we leave the nest to start our own lives, but some people never leave that nest. Remember how pissed you would be when some kid in high school would come brag that his parents bought him car? You had to work your ass off to get anywhere in life. Slinging hash at the local diner, (Does anyone still sling hash?) while trying to be able to afford car that looks like it was a getaway car on an episode of America’s Most Wanted. Now, take that thought apply it adulthood. Does that not piss you off a little?  By the time we are in are mid-20s, we should be able to care for ourselves. I don’t feel that I am off on that by much. Even if the food we are purchasing is ramen noodles and Chef Boyardee, at least we are taking care of ourselves. But if you are a grown ass adult who has Mom and Dad to buy everything for you, it may be time to sit down and have reevaluation of life goals. Unless, of course, you are striving to be Norman Bates, then mission god damn accomplished. By this time, we should not expect Mom and Dad to bring us cookies or cut the crust off of a sandwich while they are one step away from being card carrying member of AARP. And heaven forbid they should piss their parents off, because there is no better way to feel better about yourself than hearing a middle-aged person tell you that they are grounded. Good luck trying to explain that one to anyone with a shred of dignity. At certain age, we all have to grow up, we all have to fend for ourselves, and we all have to leave the nest. Because if people don’t want to see a new mother breast feeding an infant, you know there would be a riot if they saw a middle-aged person being breastfed. And you know the only milk coming out of that boob is powdered. Now ‘Cue the More You Know’ graphic.