How does The Elder Scrolls: Legends compare against similar electronic collectible card games (CCG) like Magic Duels and Hearthstone?

The two lane system Legends employs will have players thinking strategically on where they place their creatures. Creatures can only attack creatures in the same lane.

For those that don’t know, Legends came out on iOS and Android July 27. The CCG was developed by Dire Wolf Digital and published by Bethesda Softworks. Prior to being released on mobile devices, it was released on Microsoft Windows on March 9 and on macOS May 31 of this year

The game plays similar to Hearthstone and Magic where players take turns playing creatures and spells to diminish the opponent to zero life. For those that play more Hearthstone, Legends will be more comparable due to the fact that instead of playing basic lands like in Magic, they gain Magicka points each turn. With each turn, the pool of magicka increases by one, replenishing at the beginning of the turn.Players use the magicka points to play said spells and creatures.

Certain creatures have abilities that support their allies or harm the opponent’s creatures similar to both games. This adds to the strategic planning players have to utilize in order to destroy their opponents. The lane system Legends employs also creates a more interesting combat system. Unlike the battlefields Magic and Hearthstone use, Legends employs a two lane system. In this system, creatures can only attack other creatures in the same lane. They may target creatures in other lanes, but they cannot deal combat damage.

The main aspect of Legends that drew my attention more than the other two CCG’s was Legend’s storyline. The main story is focused on the “forgotten hero” and his/her allies as they fight against the Altmer named Lord Naarifin. The Altmer has led an army of other Altmers and they have invaded the heart of the Empire, Cyrodiil. The journey of the Forgotten Hero leads up to the White-Gold Tower at the heart of the Imperial City. It’s discovered that Naarifin plans to release Daedra, demon-esque monsters from the realm of Oblivion, in order to fulfill the Culling. The Culling is a prophecy written in an Elder Scroll.

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Ultimately, this CCG plays more like Hearthstone than Magic. For those that enjoy Hearthstone, it will be easier for them to acclimate themselves to the game than it would if they were to switch over to Magic. As a fan and avid player of all three mobile card games, I favor Legends more than the others.

There are three reasons for this. The first is that I play Magic: The Gathering in real life and have more cards in my collection than I do in the mobile game. The second is that Legends only has the two sets, the basic set and Heroes of Skyrim. With the recent release of Knights of the Frozen Throne, Hearthstone now has 14 sets. Having started playing Hearthstone in 2016, there are too many cards for me to keep up with. The third and final reason is that it takes place in the Elder Scrolls universe. There is a vast bank of lore in that universe to pull from and I am interested to see where the developers will go in further expansions.

Between the three CCG’s players should be able to find one game that fits their gaming preference.