It’s been awhile since I have just candidly written to all of you but I felt it was finally time. I sometimes forget that I have this outlet to air my heart. And I know it is not the thing that anyone really wants to read, but sometimes if you do not let out what is on the mind, you can explode. And not in a good way if there is such a thing. A lot has happened in the past couple of years of life. Some great, such as getting married. I can now have sex without God giving me the look of the shame. The growth of the site, which I owe so much to all of you. I feel at this point I may owe all of you a testicle or my first born, either way, thank you. I got to meet and interview an actor from my favorite movie of all time. (Check out Episode 69 of TBK Live with Brian O’Halloran!) However, there has to be balance to life, because why the fuck not, there has been a lot of bull shit as well. I realized in my experience in adulting that you need to take the bricks that people throw at you and build a fucking house. In the past year, I have been beaten down to the point that when I look at the person in the mirror, all I see is failure. That I do not want to get out of bed some days. I just want to lay and think about all the stuff going on around me. The last 365 days have not been the easiest, but that is what life is, just a series of events that is going test everything that you do. And somedays you are going to wake up wanting to grab the day by the balls. This is where I am at, the perspicacious of a new day. I am in the process of finding the person I have lost, the person that I have forgotten about it. I am not sure why I chose Walking in Memphis as my Retro Video other than the area has become my new home. It took a long time for me to realize that, and the first step of a new beginning is having your feet firmly planted.