Sharon Meets the Red Power Ranger, A Netflix Customer Service Rep

by | Aug 18, 2017

Earlier this week, I received an email from Netflix notifying me that I had successfully changed my password. Since I was at work, I text my husband and asked him if he had changed it for some reason. He had not. Fantastic, I thought. There I was in the middle of my shift and some asinine hacker now had access to my account information. The hours seemed to tick by slowly as I anxiously waited for the chance to contact Netflix. Now I am not a calm person by nature. At work, in my element, I am fine. I can have my hands in someone’s abdomen, assisting during surgery and it is no problem. However, you put me in a situation that I cannot control and I am a hot mess.

As soon as I got home, I checked again and I had another email from Netflix but this one was in Spanish. Despite three years of Spanish in high school, I never learned to converse in the language. I referred back to the original email and found Netflix’s customer service number. When I called I was immediately connected to a real person. I did not have to go through a long, drawn out automated system. The enthusiastic gentlemen introduced himself as Jason, the Red Ranger of The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, a Netflix Customer Service Rep. I swear that I am not making this up. I had him on speaker phone. My husband is my witness. After providing a few details to verify who I was, he confirmed that my account had been hacked. My viewer profiles and preferences had been wiped. The settings had been changed to Spanish. However, none of my personal information or account details had been accessed. The hacker simply wanted to watch Netflix for free. In less than five minutes, the hacker was kicked out of my account and my account was returned to me. I never realized that the Red Ranger of Netflix customer service would be so prompt and helpful. He asked that I hold to complete a brief survey. Under the circumstances, I felt that was the least I could do. Now when he said it would be brief, he was not kidding. The survey was painless just like the rest of the experience. “Press one if you found this phone call helpful. Press three if you found this phone call unhelpful.”

Unfortunately, I am not a stranger to having my debit card information stolen. Even though I am careful, it seems that it happens to me every 12-18 months. Despite the fact that my bank offers (and honors) fraud protection, it is a very frustrating and tedious process. When I contacted Netflix I was prepared for a similar battle. However, I was incredibly impressed with their customer service. It was quite possibly the most pleasant interaction I have ever had with a company. So, I give a special thank you to Jason, the Red Ranger of The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, a Netflix Customer Service Rep