I have a thing for a man with an accent. I do not know why, but if a man has an accent my panties are automatically at half-mast. Especially if it is a British accent. Men are just different from England. The men there are more debonair. They hold themselves with pride. They are sharp dressers. A man in a suit is a turn on, remember that gentlemen. When I was diving into US version of The Office, I fell in love with a character. He was a character that was not in Scranton for a long time, but he was in my heart. The character was Charles Miner, and the next inductee into The Hall of Hunks is the sexy man who portrayed him.

I never knew of Idris Elba until I watched The Office, but I was instantly hooked. First off, that man’s voice can make me melt. If I wanted someone to read my obituary when I die, I want it to be him. I know he can bring a range to that little blurb about me, that no one else could. I decided that I needed to see more of the 45-year-old actor. I went so far in my dive that I was watching British Soap, Family Affairs just to see a young Idris grace my small screen. He graced the small screen for years, being the lead in The Wire, and random appearances on a lot of other shows. It was not until his role in Pacific Rim that I knew that Idris was going to be the next breakout star in Hollywood. He shouldn’t have died. Oops! Spoiler. And since then it has been box office hit after box office hit. He was the voice of Shere Khan in the live adaptation of the Jungle Book. He could make me purrrr. As well as roles in Thor, Finding Dory, and most recently The Dark Tower based off of a Stephen King novel. The man can play a character, and I wouldn’t mind being the Pussy Galore to his James Bond (He needs to be James Bond).

Idris Elba is the perfect inductee into The Hall of Hunks. He has it all, talent, charisma, looks, an accent.