I am a self-proclaimed geek. So, I know what I am about to type is going to cause some issue with a few people, and I will take full responsibility for that. I will completely understand if you take to Amazon Prime to buy some pitchforks, and torches. However, be warned that I will at least have a two-day head start on you. But I am just going to say it, I am tired of Superhero movies.

I am not sure about any of you, but there seems to be a new movie based on a superhero coming out weekly. And I get the appeal. Good triumphs evil, unless it’s Superman and that is evil beating evil. We want this amazing feel good story. We want to be able to have this experience when we see a film based on a larger than life personality. However, most of the time the superhero movie is nothing but hype with a giant let down in the end. It is almost like the first time you have sex. You are so excited for it to happen; the thought is unbearable. The deed begins and you are over in a minute. She is pissed, you are disappointed, and that is biggest slap in the face life can give you. It is the same for a superhero movie. We always think that the next film is going to be the best thing in the history of comics to film that we always leave complaining. For example, take Batman v Superman, that movie is the drizzling shits until Wonder Woman appears on the screen for the epic fight scene. I remember seeing the trailer and thinking that BVS was going to be epic, instead it was just a letdown of epic proportions. The same can be said for Civil War, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and the list goes on and on.

Between television, and the movies, the superhero is center stage. But if Hollywood trends of the past are something to look at eventually the bubble is going to burst, and as a fan, I’m afraid of the fall out. much as I love the films about crime fighters in tight suits kicking ass, eventually it is all going to come to an end and then what? Just seventeen years ago, there used to be time between each movie, giving the fan more to be eager for. But now, San Diego Comic Con has a billion trailers on a sequel of a movie that was just released 10 minutes ago. That is a huge a problem. I get that we part of a society that wants things to happen in 30 minutes or less, but what happened to letting the story build. Waiting a few years between films. At least not producing some movie every three months. I want to be excited, but new car smell is starting to wear off.

I am not sure if I am complaining because of there being so much of one thing in the market, because too much of a good thing can be bad or it’s the fact that it is the trend with Hollywood. I know the old saying as long as it makes money it’s going to happen. And I know I am still going to see each one of these movies with some excitement, as will most of you. But come on, how many times can we have a new Spiderman movie before wanting to buy a can of RAID?