The Hall of Hotties: Debra Messing

by | Sep 28, 2017

I am 33 years old. And to answer the question, I did need to ask someone how old I was. Sleep deprivation does horrible things to the mind. And to give an example, I had my underwear on backwards most of the day. I guess it went from being a piss flap to a fart flap, but I digress. In my 33 years of life on this earth I never realized how much I love the styles of the late 90s and early 2000s. For some reason, I can watch something that was filmed in that time frame and my heart flutters. Aww, pleather pants and Rachel Green hair. Jennifer Anniston, I will always be indebted to you for giving the world that hair style. But my wife told me I needed to watch a show that aired towards the end of the 90s that is now getting rebooted. At first, I was hesitant because if you hype up something to me chances are I am going to end up hating it. But there is a first time for everything because my wife was right. Don’t tell her I said that, I really don’t need the ego trip. After 10 minutes into the first episode I was hooked. The comedy still held up which is kind of amazing, the styles are in again so the show didn’t even feel dated. But then I discovered my love for a very talented actress. And the more I watch this show, the more I want to seek out everything she starred in. The next induction into The Hall of Hotties happens to be one half the new fall lineup dynamic duo. Any guesses? She may be solving mysteries to some, but to me, she just happens to scream Grace. The next inductee is Debra Messing.

So, this may be a tad bias, because I loved the Mysteries of Laura. In fact, that show may be one of the most underrated shows in the history of NBC. Debra played Laura, an NYC homicide detective who would solve crimes while trying to raise twin boys. The show lasted two seasons but honestly could have went on even longer if NBC wanted it to. And we cannot forget her USA Network show The Starter Wife. The show was cancelled after one season. But not because of bad ratings…. It was cancelled because of cost.

However, the 49-year-old actress is best known for role as Grace Adler on the NBC hit show Will & Grace. The first thing that drew me to her besides her awesome style, is comedic timing. It is rare in television to find someone who is able to have such good comedic timing with each cast member. But Debra Messing is that actress. She is able to play off of everyone so well, you would think they had known each other since high school. And being able to see that play out on the screen is magical. And on top of that, the chemistry that Eric McCormack and Debra Messing have on screen is better than 60% of real life married couples. But the thing about the show is that it will go down in history as one of the most influential shows in the history of television. And knowing that will put her on any list of television greats.

From the stage to the screen and everything in between. She became a voice for the people. And it seems that fame never seemed to get to her. Debra Messing welcome to the Hall, and I am very happy that I was introduced to you in a new light because you have IT. And not the clown.