Word Vomit: Thoughts of You

by | Sep 28, 2017

Thoughts of you all day long
How now that i found you,
anything without you would just feel wrong

You light up my evenings,
and brighten my days
I know you were meant for me
regardless of what anyone says

This love is like i’ve never known
I didn’t just fall in love, I have grown
It’s understanding and real
Not superficial and fake

I could never take this for granted
Never throw it away
Instead I embrace it, cherish it
Knowing exactly what’s at stake

You’ve captured my heart
In the most sincere way
Not by lying and cheating
But by being patient, taking things day by day

You have done, and given more than any woman could ask
I know it’s from your heart, I pray that we last
I’ll give my all to keep you,
nothing short of the skin on my back