Midnight Music Video: Dorothy- Dark Nights

by | Oct 13, 2017

It is a long-standing fact that I have an extremely varied taste in music. On my current playlist you can find Disney, Green Day, Garth Brooks, System of a Down, *NSYNC, and Broadway musicals all mixed together. There is little to no music I will not at least attempt to listen to, and I generally end up liking it all. One of my favorite things is when new people or situations introduce me to new artists. I’m the crazy person at the end of the movie waiting to see the songs listed in the credits or the one trying to remember the lyrics playing from the commercial so I can look it up later. I’ve also been known to stop suddenly in stores to listen more closely to the music playing overhead. More recently I’ve been getting new music from my dear husband’s video games. But let’s be real here, there are some pretty bomb songs to be had from the in between screens of most sports games. But my most recent musical obsession does not come from an of those places. It comes from a very interesting place that I’m not sure is somewhere I should be enjoying the music this much. My recent favorite artist was introduced to me by WWE of all things. More specifically the Mae Young Classic. I have gotten into wrestling very recently thanks to this guy that I live with, and I have heard some of the best and worst music that it has to offer. And to be completely honest, I have enjoyed a lot of the pay-per-view themes recently, and even some of the new themes for specific people. Which I do find very odd because why would a wrestling organizations promotional team be this good at picking super cool new music?!? Should I even be admitting that I enjoy wrestling music? But this song absolutely blew me away. This song sounds awesome and powerful and gave me the same type of feeling I had after watching Wonder Woman: like I could go out and concur the world! It’s a very powerful feeling that makes you think that you can accomplish anything! And it’s awesome! This caused me to look up the artist, download every song they have ever done, and have a very awkward altercation at work. I heard the song playing in my office and actually hunted down the person listening to it to tell them they were cool and I liked them more now. Cause, well you know, I’m a dork like that. But honestly, I feel Dorothy was worth me being weird. They’re a little weird too and I like that. And I do strongly encourage you to look them up and see what other amazing songs they have to offer. This has become my go to playlist to get me in the mindset to face the work day and feel like I can fight the world.  So here is where I would like to share song that started it all, Missile by Dorothy. Unfortunately, there is no video for this song. ☹ So in its place, I will give you my favorite Dorothy video and another amazing song: Dark Nights.