Niantic is Making A Harry Potter Game

by | Nov 9, 2017

Last summer, the biggest hit in gaming was not on a console, or something you can play on your Alienware, but a game that was mobile. A game that allowed the gamer to venture into a brave new world called…. The Outdoors. That game happened to be Niantic’s hit Pokemon Go. Well, in the past few days Niantic said they are working on a new game. A game that will also use the world around you to have fun on a mobile device. However, this time it will not be trying to catch animals with balls. This time Niantic is going to be taking on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The game will be titled Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Right after the success of Pokemon Go, a rumor flooded the internet that this was happening, but it was just that, a rumor. One year later that hoax is going to become a reality. Pokemon is one of the most popular franchises, but I am not sure that it comes close to the fandom of Harry Potter. Honestly, this game already sounds like a hit in the making. But without any information being dropped about the game, it really has us wondering. Hopefully, we will be able to pick our houses, just as the same way we picked our teams, or even link the game to Pottermore and be officially placed in your house. And if the concept of gyms is used, that leaves for some very interesting thoughts. Maybe even having a monthly House Cup, or even for a year with the winning house getting something awesome to help with the game. I am not one for mobile games, but this will be a quick download on my cellphone when it gets released.