Reviewing The Live TV Streaming Services

by | Nov 10, 2017

So, I am not sure about anyone else, but I feel cable prices are just getting out of hand. The same can be said about satellite as well. These prices are not easy for anyone on a budget, especially someone that is possibly in a new living situation. But if you are like me, you want to be able to watch television. Nothing beats watching a game live as it happens, or finding out the ending of a cliff hanger without having to be spoiled by that one annoying friend on Facebook. But, there are options. Cord cutting has become a major trend in America and honestly it should be. The main thing you need is the internet and you are set. But the one thing that Netflix does not give you is live television, but we are here to break down the choices that do. This is sort of a list going from worst to first, but each person has different needs. Plus, I can honestly there is not a bad choice among these choices.


You do not have to own a PlayStation to get the service. A huge plus for anyone not in the gaming community who want to watch live television.

A decent selection of channels.

A cloud based DVR with unlimited storage which is wonderful for any fan of television.


Price. PlayStation Vue is the highest of all coming in at $40 for the base tier. That is not cheap for around 20 or so channels.

The DVR has a mind of its own. A lot of the shows we recorded using the Vue DVR would stop recording with 5 minutes left to go which would cause us to miss the ending.


Channel Options. I cannot say this enough, Direct TV Now has the biggest selection of any of the streaming cable type services. They are able to take their product for Satellites and translate it beautifully to a streaming app.

The Layout is easy to navigate for anyone. The channels are listed in alphabetical order according to your plan. This really does help for someone new using the app.

You are able to watch shows on all the apps. If you happen to miss a show, you can use your Direct TV Now login on say the MTV app to be able to catch up on Catfish.


Pricing is not that great compared to the other plans. Direct TV Now starts at 35 which is compared to Hulu is not that great. But the number of channels do help. It is not the cheapest option on this list at all.

No DVR. The thing that really hurts Direct TV Now for me, is the fact of no DVR at the time of writing. Yes, you are able to still watch your shows but having a DVR would make things easier for the consumer.

Limited Availability for Locals is a huge downfall. I live in a small market, and even Hulu with Live TV is able to pull some of our locals. Direct TV Now does not.

The new kid on the block. Hulu has begun offering live television as a part of its service. So, as well as the service you have now you can add the option of Live TV for $40-45 a month.


Price is not terrible. Especially if you consider you get all the Hulu content on top of that.

Access to local channels. The biggest upside to Hulu is the fact that a person can actually receive your local channels. This is great if you want to keep up with local events or wanted to watch one of the main four networks.

DVR. This is not as big of deal with Hulu, but the DVR is a nice feature. You can upgrade the size of your DVR for $5 more a month, but the average should work for a lot of casual viewers.


The Layout is god awful. Once the live TV rolled out, Hulu changed the layout of their service to try to be more modern. And while that is a wonderful idea in theory, the layout of Hulu is terrible. It is a television app equivalent of a Magic Eye Book. Yes, Hulu has a DVR but finding it and making it work each week is another lesson on its own. There is no guide, which would be super helpful for anyone wanting to use the Live Tv portion

Accessibility is an issue for the Live Tv portion of Hulu. It is still not available on some Roku Players, or the PlayStation 4. Chromecast, Firestick, Apple TV, and Xbox is able to do the live tv option but only on certain models.


The price starts out at twenty and goes up from there. A wonderful starting price of a casual watcher of television.

Just like Direct TV, Channel selection is wonderful through Sling. If you want the core packs and a couple of addons, the price will be around 50 a month which is a steal compared to PlayStation or Direct Tv Now.

Layout is easy. The thing about layouts should be that if the person is new to the service, they are able to pick up the remote and be able to figure everything out. Sling is really good about this. You are able to look at a guide, or just the channel with the shows even in the On-Demand section.

Out of all the services we tried, Sling had the least amount of Lag time.


DVR being an addon to the service. I get it, but I am not a fan.

Lack of local channels, in my market at least.

The Starting at $20 price tag. It does start at 20 but the blue and orange package have channels that people want to see, so you may have to do both which runs $40 but the price is worth it to have that many channels. But kind of a mislead.