The Hall of Hotties: Holland Roden

by | Nov 17, 2017

Holland Roden was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. As a child and young adult, her passion was split between acting and science. Unlike many other actors, it was her education that brought her to Los Angeles. She enrolled in UCLA with a major in molecular biology and women’s study. After completing her freshman year of college, her desire to act was renewed. She signed with a talent agent and was quickly booked for cameos in multiple series including “Community” and “Criminal Minds”. She also had the lead role in the teen movie “Bring it on: Fight to the Finish”. During this time, she was still enrolled as a full time student. Considering her busy acting career, she had to reevaluate her class schedule. She decided that she did not have the time to dedicate to dual majors. She made the difficult decision to drop molecular biology. She went on to obtain her degree in women’s study.

In 2011, Holland landed the role that has brought her the most recognition. She was cast as Lydia Martin on MTV’s “Teen Wolf”. Lydia is my second favorite character on the show. She appears to be the shallow, stuck up, popular girl in this story. However, she’s actually a super intelligent person that is very protective of the people she loves. Despite the fact that most all of her friends turn out to be supernatural weridos, she never hesitates. She totally takes it in stride. Isn’t that what we all want in a friend? Someone that loves us for who we are? Of course, later she finds out that she is also a paranormal creature herself. Lydia, is like a Sour Patch Kid. Sour on the outside but really a sweet person inside.

Holland Roden is a stunning woman made for the screen. She has a unique quality that sets her apart. She is a charismatic actor with great talent. I hope that she continues to act and do great things. Welcome to the Hall of Hotties, Holland Roden.